The Causes of the Civil War

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The Causes of the Civil War


Historian James MacPherson 2/12/05
Question #1 – Why did the South (the original 7 states) secede from the union and why at the particular time that they did?
Question #2 - Why did secession cause the Civil War? What were the alternatives to secession?
Question #1
Out of 4 million slaves only about a few hundred actually escaped.
Did the south see liberty as best preserved in small republics – i.e. The States?
Was the issue of escaped slaves a matter of honor for the Planter Class?
Lincoln was elected with no southern electoral votes from the 7 southern states and only a handful of regular votes from the south – why?
Why did Lincoln carry all of the northern states?
Only 2/3 of the Southern Whites owned Slaves. - Could there have been a real fear of a combination of Northern Abolitionists and slaves. What if the Army was lead by an Abolitionist who was not going to put down a slaves rebellion like that envisioned by John Brown?
Would South Carolina have seceded if it felt that it would be the only state to do so? Why did they vote unanimously 161 to 0 to secede? Why did it feel that other states would follow its lead?
Period of 1848 was a period of Cultural Nationalism and Ethnic Nationalism v. Economic Nationalism.
Is there any connection between revolution in Europe 1848 and the concern of the South? Were Southerners beginning to see themselves as distinctly different from the culture of the North? (Cultural & Ethnic Nationalism)

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