The Catholic Diocese of Lafayette, Indiana Catechetical Curriculum Guidelines

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Task 3: Catechesis promotes moral formation in Jesus Christ.




FG Reference


God graces us with his love. Each person can choose what is good or choose what is wrong. Each person can ask God to help them choose what is good. A person sins when they choose what is wrong. When a person chooses what is wrong they offend God.

60–62, 161, 165–167, 171, 175, 177, 196

BLM: 63 Decisions Relay: Making Good Decisions, Saying Yes to God


It is important to have a good relationship with God. When we do what offends God we must ask Him for His forgiveness.

60, 62, 76, 175, 177, 196 Forgiveness Chain


Each person offends God when they hurt other people.

60–62, 175, 177


Each person must ask God to forgive them for hurting others and tell others that they have offended that they are sorry.

60–62, 65, 76, 175, 177, 196

BLMs: 20, 22, 63 Forgiveness Chain


Jesus suffered and died for our sins. He rose from the dead on Easter Sunday. He brought us forgiveness.

67–70, 73–74, 220–223

Record: Jesus is Risen Easter Celebration, Jesus Appears to His Friends

619, 1849

God loves every person He created. When a person hurts others they offend God and the Church.



Jesus taught us how to forgive. When people hurt us or others we love, God wants us to forgive. The Our Father prayer says: “forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us.” Forgiveness means to change our thoughts of being hurt to thoughts of love and kindness. In the Sacred Scriptures Jesus showed us how He forgave sinners.

51a–51d, 52–53, 56–59d, 60–62, 64–65, 76, 79, 175, 177, 239

BLMs: 17, 20, 21, 22, 26 Being Peace–Makers, Lord’s Prayer Circle Activity, The Lord’s Prayer Mural


God gave Moses the Ten Commandments so that we would know how to show God we love Him and how to do good.

161c–161f, 164–165, 167, 169–170, 195–196, 250

BLMs: 53, 63, 65 Ten Commandments Song

2055, 2142

God wants each person to love Him and to love other people by being kind in word and action.

54–55, 62–63, 161a, 162, 165–167, 171c, 171, 175, 177, 196

BLMs: 53, 55 Doing Good For Others, Saying Yes to God, Showing My Love to Others, Song: Christians Do Their Best

2174–2176, 2168–2169, 2172

God wants each person to worship him each Sunday at Mass.

106, 142, 145, 164, 220

BLMs: 48, 52 Saying Yes to God

2214–2217, 2197, 2234

God wants each person to obey their parents and other people in authority, such as priests, teachers and police officers.

161a, 161, 179b, 180–183, 185, 196

BLMs: 53, 54, 55 Parents, May I?, Pledge to My Parents

2464–2487, 2258, 2262, 2302

God wants each person to always tell the truth. It is wrong to say hurtful things about other people. It is wrong to hurt someone on purpose

62, 171, 175

BLM: 55 Doing Good For Others


God wants each person to respect the gift of their own bodies, and to never hurt the bodies of other people.


2401, 2534, 2408

God wants each person to respect the belongings of other people. It is also wrong to take or damage anything that belongs to another person.

161d, 171, 175


God wants each person to treat everyone with respect because we are all God’s children and are special to Him.

38, 54–55, 79, 171, 175

BLM: 53 Mirror of God, Showing My Love to Others, Song: Christians Do Their Best

Task 4: Catechesis teaches the Christian how to pray with Christ. F



FG Reference


Prayer is talking to God. God listens to each person’s prayers and answers them. We make God happy when we pray to Him.

52, 57, 61, 121a, 147a, 150–151, 236–237

BLM: 52 Prayer Book Activity, Prayer Song, Telephone To God


Each person should pray to God with their minds and their hearts. We need to be silent to hear God’s voice.

121a, 147a, 147d–150,152–154

Record: Elijah Listens for God

BLMs: 49, 50

2691, 2696

We can pray to God by ourselves, with our families, and with God’s people gathered in church.

52, 57, 59–61, 121a, 147b, 151, 236–237 Family Prayer Box, Prayer Pictures Activity, Prayer Song


Jesus listened to and talked with His Father. Jesus showed us how to pray by teaching us the “Our Father.”

41a, 51a, 51d, 52–53, 56–58, 59b, 60–61, 64–65, 76, 79, 149, 239

BLM: 17 Lord’s Prayer Circle, The Lord’s Prayer Mural

2620, 2759 2607–2616, 2621

Each person can pray to God to help them to be good.

57, 60–61, 151, 176, 236–237 Group Prayer, Telephone to God


The Holy Spirit is sent by Jesus to make us holy. The Holy Spirit helps us to pray.

27b, 30, 32, 91a–91c

BLM: 31 Flames of Spirit, Offerings of Joy


We pray to God to help us and others. This is called a prayer of petition.

237 Creating Prayers of Petition, Group Prayer, Prayer Circle


We can ask the Blessed Mother, Mary, to pray to Jesus for us

107b, 111

Record: Saying Yes to God

2683, 2692

We can ask the saints to pray to Jesus and to intercede for us. We look to them also as examples of holy lives. Favorite Saint and Me Portrait

Task 5: Catechesis prepares the Christian to live in community and to participate actively in the life and mission of the Church. F


Community Life

FG Reference


God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are three persons in one God and are identified as the Trinity, a community of persons.

27b, 27d, 30–31, 33, 36, 91

BLMs: 11, 12 Trinity Mobile, Trinity Song

2204, 2205

The family is a special community within the Church. The father and mother are equal before God. They have different but complementary roles. Children are a blessing from God. The family is an image of the Trinitarian communion.

102, 105, 179b

832, 833, 836

We belong to a Church family. The Church is a community made up of the people of God led by the priest.

19b, 81a, 81d, 86–87, 89–90, 99a, 115b, 116, 127, 142

BLM: 42

946, 828, 2683

Saints are special friends of Jesus who lived their lives doing God’s will. They now live in heaven and are part of our Church family.

162 Favorite Saint and Me Portrait


The parish is a community of people who gather with the priest at church to praise and worship God. The name of our parish is _________________________.

35, 18, 106, 114, 138 Joy


Every parish has a pastor who is a priest. The name of our pastor is __________________. He helps us to learn about and worship God in the celebration of the Mass.

833, 894

Our parish is one of many parishes in this community that make up our diocese. We are part of the Diocese of Fort Wayne–South Bend. A diocese is lead by a priest who is a bishop. The name of our Bishop is ________________.


The Pope is a bishop who is the head of all the dioceses of the Catholic Church. The Pope’s name is __________________. He is the head of the family of the Church here on earth. The Pope lives in Rome, Italy, at Vatican City.


Task 6: Catechesis promotes a missionary spirit that prepares the faithful to be present as Christians in society.


Missionary Life

FG Reference


Christ’s work is rooted in love of the Trinity. We must strive to always participate in this love and bring it to others. Each person can share God’s love with their words and acts of service.

11c, 12–13, 81a, 81e, 86, 88, 99b–99c, 99–100, 140, 162, 195

BLM: 19 Showing My Love to Others, Song: Christians Do Their Best

1832, 1928–1933, 2447

God calls us to share the love of Jesus by treating everyone with kindness, especially people who are sad, lonely, or treated badly.

11c, 12–13, 81a, 81e, 86, 88, 99b–99c, 99–100, 140, 162, 195

BLMs: 33–35 Showing My Love to Others, Song: Christians Do Their Best

1832, 1928–1933, 2447

God calls every Christian to share the good news of Jesus. Each person can begin by telling our family and friends about Jesus and His love.

88, 99b–99c, 99–100, 115 Angelic Megaphones, Sharing Jesus Picture Cards

2443–2444, 2462

Each person should share God’s love by giving to the poor. God wants us to be fair by making sure that each person has what they need.

11c, 81e, 99b–99c, 99–100, 139c, 147c Song: Christians Do Their Best, Song: We Share A Meal


Each person can share God’s love by helping our neighbors, the sick, and the elderly.

12–13, 81a, 81e, 88, 99b–99c, 99–100, 140, 162, 195

BLMs: 34–35 Song: Christians Do Their Best

767–769, 904–907

Missionaries are people who share the good news of Jesus. Missionaries also help people who are poor, sick, and hurting. Each person can help the missionaries by praying for them.


In God’s Image F



FG Reference


God is our father in heaven who created each one of us out of love for us.

5, 17, 21, 25–26, 30–33, 36, 58, 147–154, 161

BLMs: 2, 6, 8–9, 12–13 Echo, Song: God is Our Father


Every person is a wonderful gift from God and should be loved.

54–55, 58, 161, 171

BLM: 35 Good Neighbor Game


Love means wanting to do what is right and good for another person.

62, 161–162, 171

BLMs: 4, 5, 33, 35 Good Friends Charades, Good Neighbor Game


We should ask God every day to help us to love.

51b, 52–55, 59b, 76, 171

BLMs: 20, 22 Telephone to God


In baptism we receive a special gift from God that helps us to love like He loves.


Understanding the Catholic Church F



FG Reference



The Church is the group of people with the same belief in Jesus. A church is also a building where people gather together to pray. The Church is made up of people from all over the world. Those who have died are united to those on earth.

The Church is made up of many members; some are married, others are single, and others have devoted their life to Jesus as priests and deacons, or as religious brothers, sisters, or nuns.

19b, 81a, 81d, 86–87, 89–90, 99a, 115b, 116

BLMs: 38, 39, 42, 52 Song: Church


688, 857

TraditionApostolic Connection

Jesus told His apostles to continue to spread His Word. When Jesus returned to heaven He sent the Holy Spirit to help the apostles begin the Church and spread the Kingdom of God on earth.

81a, 84–85, 91a–91c, 92–95, 97, 117–118

Record: Jesus Asks Friends to Follow

BLMs: 31–32 Offerings of Joy, Prayers of Thanksgiving, Song: Jesus Calls Us




FG Reference

Blessed Mother Mary

41a, 41c, 42, 44, 46–50, 107a–114, 203–204, 280

BLMs: 15–16, 37–39 Hail Mary Scramble, Praying the Hail Mary with Actions

St. Joseph

26, 41a, 41c–41d, 41f–42, 47–49, 75–76, 203–204, 279

BLMs: 14–16

St. Francis of Assisi

1d, 1f, 1–2, 6, 31, 35, 37

BLMs: 3, 11, 13 Animal Pantomime, Follower of Jesus Web

St. Peter

81a, 81–82, 84, 115, 132

BLMs: 27, 29, 39, 45 Fishing For Friendship, Follower of Jesus Web, Good Friend Charade, Song: Jesus Calls Us

St. Elizabeth

St. Clare of Assisi

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