The Caste System

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Caste System: Part One

1. How did the caste system come to be established in India?

2. Draw the social pyramid of the caste system. Include the name of each caste and the types of jobs members of each caste would be expected to hold.

3. Why have people willingly followed the expectations of this system?

4. What would happen if they refused to follow this system?
5. Define these terms: Varna, Jati, Dalit, dharma, Aryans

6. Is the caste system still in place today? Explain your answer with examples to prove your position.

Caste System: Part Two

If you complete the reading on the Caste system, continue on to read the article “Caste Away” from the Wall Street Journal in 2007. Answer the following questions based on the article.

1. Identify each of the men featured in this article and give details about their lives based on the information provided to you.

Venugopal Thoti:

Jayaker Daniel Erpula:

2. What are some of the challenges these men faced as they tried to find work and make a life outside of the traditional expectations for members of the Dalit?

3. What has changed in India that makes it possible for men like these to find success?

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