The caste system and discrimination in the uk davinder Prasad with Satpal Muman

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There are no legal provisions under British law to protect anyone who is a victim of caste-prejudice in United Kingdom. How can effects of caste-discrimination be reduced or eliminated in British society? CasteWatchUK has identified the following as campaigning instruments to bring about a social transformation.

Political objectives
  • To lobby for the inclusion of caste discrimination as an element within the Equality Bill or future legislative changes of a similar nature;

  • To target Trade Unions to raise awareness of caste discrimination in order to halt its spread in the workplace;

  • To research the fund raising activities of groups promoting caste-discrimination and ‘Untouchability’;

  • Lobbying for Early Day Motions or a general debate in Parliament on the human rights abuses and the unjustness of the caste system

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