The caste system and discrimination in the uk davinder Prasad with Satpal Muman

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The caste system and discrimination in the UK
Davinder Prasad
with Satpal Muman

Prejudice and discrimination on the grounds of race engender hatred and violence that should not be tolerated by civilised society. Violence on grounds of race leaves physical and psychological scars. Equally, violence on grounds of caste also leaves the victim physically and psychologically traumatised. Whilst racial hatred is seen as black and white, caste hatred is not easily understood and takes on much subtler forms.

Caste is now raising its ugly head in British society. It has been an issue facing the ethnic communities but caste continues to be brushed aside. The caste system, at least amongst the Indian diaspora, plays an important part in regulating their social conduct. Caste is inextricably linked to the Hindu religion and finds sanction in their sacred literature such as the Ramayana and Mahabharata. It is especially enforced by the Manu Smiriti (Laws of Manu) with imposition of severe punishment and penalty for breach of the social code for what was once, in historic times, a legal sanction.

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