The capstone [ 1962 1965 ] 1962 22. Ministry hones for Headstone, rapture

Tape splicing, adding or taking away for messages

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31. Tape splicing, adding or taking away for messages.

32 Here the other day in Arizona, splicing tapes to try to make me say things that I didn't say. Just remember the vision about the Arizona proposition. The Bible said it was far better for you that you had a rock at your neck. And another thing: "That whosoever (let him be preacher or what he will) will take one word away from It or add one word to It..." People putting their own interpretation upon the Word as It's been given, trying to make It say something that I did not say, and not my word, It's His Word. "Who shall add to or take away..."

And then in the vision we seen these prophets whirl down, as I explained to you, I believe, several Sundays ago. It'll all be. I said, "Just keep away from it." As long as I'm fighting it, then God can't fight it. But let's let Him have it. He's the One Who takes care of it. See?

187 Now, some lewd person in Phoenix just got up and said, played that part on the--a tape and said... I said here, "I must be baptized in Jesus' Name," said that. And then said, "Now, you see here, over here he said... "when I was talking about Africa, how they baptized three times face forward and back... Said I said, "'Don't make any difference.'" See, he never played the rest of the tape, just that part, and cut it off, which would be a penitentiary offense to do it; them tapes are absolutely franchised. No one can mess with them. You'd better not. If you do, you got the law on you. But would we do it? No. He said, "Let them alone." God told me what's going to take place. Just watch, just keep your eye on that person. See?

The same time the Bride has realized the evening Light. If Sodom would've recognized their hour...

Now, this same person put on tape, said, "Look here, to you Pentecostal people," said, "and you Baptists: This man, false prophet, William Branham (See?), has said that Oral Roberts and Billy Graham was in Sodom." See? Then cut the tape off. That's all. See? Wouldn't go ahead to say that they were messengers to Sodom, not in Sodom; they're there as a messenger to Sodom. Anybody knows I said that. Play your tape. Whosoever shall take from or add to, the same shall be taken from him. See? If it's the Word of the Lord, It stands that way.

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