The capstone [ 1962 1965 ] 1962 22. Ministry hones for Headstone, rapture

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30. Gray is a mixed, deceiving color.

E-42 You know, it used to be black was black and white was white. You mix it together and you got gray. So that's just the way it it. They're so mixed up. What is the drawing line between right and wrong? Methodists is right, what about Baptists? If Presbyterian's right, what about Pentecost? There's a drawing line somewhere. That drawing line is God's Word. That's the Word. God's drawing line is His Word. "Let every man's word be a lie, and Mine the Truth."


41 Then He turned me to the right side, and He showed me each church as they've come up out of the ages. And oh, how vulgar. And the last one was this last day church age, which was led by a witch. And they were so immorally dressed, so filthy looking. And they were marching to the time of twist and rock-and-roll. And those women throwing themselves just in twist, with holding just paper, gray, hypocritical. The word... Gray is between a white and a black, which is a deceiving color. Gray is neither white or black. It's a deceiving color. And gray-looking paper, holding in front of them, with lace-like hula skirts, holding in front of them; and completely nude from their waist up. And was marching to the--or time, or twisting, and carrying on with that music, walking up. And said, "That is the church."

And when it passed by me, my heart like to fainted. I thought, "If that's what is trying to be presented to Christ as a bride... Of all the efforts and things that men has put forth to try to bring forth a bride for Christ--and a vulgar, dirty, filthy-looking prostitute like that to be the bride of Christ." It made me sick at my heart.

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