The capstone [ 1962 1965 ] 1962 22. Ministry hones for Headstone, rapture

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28. I got something mixed up. [“Feast Of The Trumpets”, 64-0719]

965-204 Like the other day, I got something mixed up; I happened to hear it, and it's... I caught it right there; and it's on the tape, and I--I'll probably hear from it. When I was talking about the Seven Trumpets, I said it was seven trumpets. I was referring to the Pentecostal feast. From the Pentecostal feast until the seven--until the--the Trumpets, there was seven Sabbaths. Seven Sabbaths was between the feast of Passover to Pentecost (you see?), which made the fifty days. See? But what I was referring to, being that, I said, "That means the Seven Church Ages."

On that tape (if you happen to get it or anything)--on that tape it should be, that the seventh month after that brought in the--the feast of the Trumpets, which meant the Seven Church Ages: seven months, not seven Sabbaths. Seven Sabbaths went to... I did explain it on there. I said the seven Sabbaths, like that, but then I carried that same thought on over, when it's the seventh month after the Feast of the Passover--or at the feast of--of Pentecost, then come the feast after the sheaf was brought in, waved. You see then--then... Remember there, the sheaf turns into a loaf of bread after that time. See? When the--the sheaf of--one sheaf, then all goes into one loaf. Oh, it's a great teaching there; I didn't touch the edge of it. But if you happen to catch that on your tape, remember, look in the Bible. You see, it's seven months after that. Count off seven months: January, February, March, April, May, June, July--it'd be July, seven months, which represents the full Seven Church Ages. Some minister might pick that up, and then you'd have it. You see there? All right.

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