The capstone [ 1962 1965 ] 1962 22. Ministry hones for Headstone, rapture

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25. New heavens and new earth. [Isaiah 65:17-25, Revelation 21]

ISAIAH 67:17

For, behold, I create new heavens and a new earth: and the former shall not be remembered, nor come to mind.

26-3 Notice here, Peter said, "And will melt with fervent heat and the works therein burn up," not the planet, the works therein: the works of man. All their politicians, and their schemes, and all their denominations and manmade schemes will all go with it when it burns.

"And--and heavens will pass away with a great noise." Did you notice here? "Heavens will pass away with a great noise." Listen, the whole earth will be on fire and will ignite the gases that's in the earth and explode it. It's exactly.

Talk... The Bible said here--Peter said, "And the heavens will pass away and earth with a great noise." Such an explosion will rock it (Oh, my.), 'cause it's got to kill every disease, every thistle, every thorn, everything there is to be done, the fire'll burn it up. And remember, it's not altogether just a literal fire; it's also a holy Fire (See?), that will take away Satan and all of his, all of the devils. Both heaven and earth (Amen.) will pass away, killing all the germs, all the insects, all natural life on it and around it, even the H2O, the water, will explode. Think of it. Talk about a noise...

You think that little noise out here in Tucson was something, when He opened the six seals, that shook the country around about and caused the talk, wait till this earth receives her baptism!

You know, when a man receives the baptism of Fire there's a lot of noise around there. They think that's a shame to hear people scream and shout like that. Just wait till this earth gets her baptism. Yeah, it'll explain--explode it, the H2O, the water; for the Bible said here in Revelations 21, "and there was no more sea." Explode it.

This will change the whole surface of the entire earth. She'll burst and blow to pieces. All the outside, the crust and for hundreds of feet below it, it'll just simply be completely demolished. The atmospheres, the gases that's in the earth now, where they're finding these missiles that can't get through it--a great sphere up in there (way up in some kind of a sphere) that--there's all kinds of gases, they say, and that'll burst. The holy wrath of God will come upon it, and will cleanse it, will change the entire surface.

Now, many of you that want to put down this word, the Greek word, "pass away," it comes from the Word... I had to find it. I thought, "How's this world going to pass away, and yet we're going to live on it?" But if you'll notice (some of you people that wants to put it down, I'll spell it for you; I couldn't pronounce it), p-a-r-e-r-e-c-h-o-m-i-a; I don't know how to pronounce it.

Now, that way, as I said, when I get--the inspiration strikes me for something, then I go back to find out the word. Now, here I can't spell the word; I can't--I can't pronounce it. But in that the Lord has still give me a way: I go and find out what that word means; then I got it. (See?); then I got it again. See, "Heavens and earth will pass away." Now, this word means "passing from one form to another." It does not mean annihilation, as the English word would mean, pass away: it's annihilated. But the Hebrew word--or the Greek word here does not mean pass away; it means "from passing from one thing to another." Look, but to pass from one condition it says to another...

Now notice, Paul used it (if you want to read it now--put it down you can read it later), in Titus 3:5. Paul is using this same word: means regeneration of men, that man is passed from a sinner to a saint, not completely annihilated. When a man's changed, he isn't annihilated, but he's a changed person. He's been changed from what he was to what he is, not annihilated.

28-1 Jesus used the same word in Matthew 19:28--now, not 28:19 now, 19:28. He said to them, "You've set with me in my Father's Kingdom," regenerated (You see?), changed--when you're changed. He used the same word. And He used the same word when He said to the colt; said, "Loose the colt and let him go." Said the same thing at the resurrection of Lazarus, "Loose him: change him. He's been tied; let him go.

What does it mean? The earth will be loosed from the grip of Satan. It'll be loosed. It'll be loosed from politics; it'll be loosed from denominational religious systems to be used for the Kingdom of God, to be establish it here on the earth. But as long as it's in the hands of Satan, politics, Satan the ruler of the earth, he owns it. It belonged to him, but now Christ has redeemed it.

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