The capstone [ 1962 1965 ] 1962 22. Ministry hones for Headstone, rapture

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17. Africa trip cancelled. [Joseph Boze & Sidney Jackson]

2-2 Now today, I was--want to announce that the meeting that we were planning--I was planning on going to this next coming week in--in Africa, over with Brother Joseph Boze in Kenya and Tanganyika. We are unable to have the meeting, with a telegram back from Brother Boze. "Last week three of our own missionaries was killed and--murdered." And they're having an uprise there now, and the communists are slipping guns in to the natives; claiming they got fish boats setting around (Red China and Russia), and getting guns to the natives; and they don't know no better than to use them just on anything that they see to use it on. So their--the--the--the government thought that it wouldn't be wise to have the meeting at this time. And as I understand, also that Brother Boze cannot even have his school open in this area where I was going at this time. But it's not canceled; it's just postponed until they can get it quietened again.

Very happy this morning to see in the midst of us again, for many years absence, Brother Jackson--Brother Sidney Jackson and Sister Jackson from South Africa. Has he spoke? [Brother. Neville answers "Yes"--Ed.] And these people was my real brothers, and sister, and coworkers in the campaign in South Africa, the last trip over, which we trust that someday by God's grace to get back with them again; for it's needy. And I've been trying for nine years to get back, but on the account of the organizations and so forth they won't let me back.

So I wrote them a letter recently and said, "Then let the blood of those lost souls be on you and not on me." For I believe that God was--been wanting to use my ministry over there for those people for some time. And by their denominational difference they won't let me come back. But all right, the Lord will take care of that.

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