The capstone [ 1962 1965 ] 1962 22. Ministry hones for Headstone, rapture

Baptism of the Holy Ghost made way for the Holy Ghost Itself

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14. Baptism of the Holy Ghost made way for the Holy Ghost Itself.

15. Three stages to original seed; stalk, pollen and then the husk. [Nature and Word coordinating together.]

135 Watch how perfect the Word and these--nature works together. Just like we prove the resurrection: Rise; the sun setting and the sun rising again; the leaf going out of the tree down in--the sap into the root, and comes back up and--and the leaf comes back up with it again and falls on the ground. The life of the tree sucks it right back, the calcium and potash, and brings it right up to another leaf again. See? All nature, everything works right with--with the Word of God. And here it is exactly perfectly in these church ages. That's the reason the Holy Ghost came down and drawed those things and made them out for us the way He has. That's exactly.

Notice here. The life that was in the husk, in the stalk, and in the tassel, in the husk, all gathers in the seed. And the life that was in the stalk, went--one went to make the other. Justification made a way for sanctification. Sanctification made a way for the baptism of the Holy Ghost. The baptism of the Holy Ghost made a way for the Holy Ghost Itself to come right down in perfection, back to the Word again to manifest Itself.

But what denominated, dies. Like Life in Luther went to make Wesley. And--and from the Wesley It went to Pentecost, and from Pentecost to make the original seed. On to... Pentecost comes out of the Wesley until that time. The reason that Pentecost come out of Wesley, because it was no denomination--Pentecost was. Then Pentecost went to denominate. And what did it do? It turned to the husk. It looked like the real thing. And anybody...

How many ever seen a seed--a seed of wheat start to grow? What's the first little thing? It's just exactly like the seed, but it's the husk. See the three stages? Stalk, tassel or the pollen, then the husk. And then, out of the husk comes the original seed. Not a seed, it was the Life of the seed growing through this to come to the seed. Amen, amen. Do you see it? What is it? A resurrection, coming back to a Masterpiece again, like the one that went in.

Pentecost came out of the Wesley, because Wesley was an organization. Pentecost come out as no organization and then turned to one. It had to to make the husk. The true Word of Life on it was on its way then to the original grain through these stages: through the stalk, then into the pollen; from the pollen into the husk; and from the husk it made seed. No... Stalk, tassel, husk.

Living, they produced in their early revival a holder of a certain portion of the seed Life; but when they organized, the Life moved out of it. That's proved by all history. Never an organization ever done a thing after it organized. It was dead. That's right. Watch, the life's traveling on now. It's moving on.

Notice. What they have done, all these have done, is proved by history just exactly the way the church has come, never to be useful to Him again. Organization is laid on the shelf. There never has been in all the history of church after it organized, but what it died. And the organization died and never did raise again. Can't you see it? Men who are blind, open your eyes. Nature and the Word coordinating together and proving it right here that this is the Truth, that it is the Truth: That Life leaves the stalk to make the tassel; from the tassel it makes the husk; and from the husk it goes into the original again. Notice, never again to be useful to Him.

143 How noticeable this life is in its travel in the corn of wheat than it is in the tree. God called His people like a tree. See? The life goes down in a tree and comes back up again, goes down and comes back up. See? It goes down and comes back up. But in the corn of wheat it goes up from the original stalk through the stalk, tassel, and husk; and the thing that it passed through dies so it can't get back through it again. What is it? It's no use any more. It goes on to its perfection. Amen. Don't you see why He never used an organization? He can't get back in it again. It's dead. But the Life passes on from one to the other. See? They put creeds and inject... "Whosoever shall add one word or take one word out..." See? He's blocked off from it. It must be the Life seed traveling on.

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