The capstone [ 1962 1965 ] 1962 22. Ministry hones for Headstone, rapture

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31. Doctors & Medicine. [See 1949m #11]

21-4 Setting awhile ago with a little sweet girl here, first I combed that family through to see if there was anything wrong. God will heal, but it's under conditions. See? Only thing that I found was the mother, afraid it was wrong to take medicine, and I said, "Don't you think that, sister; get that out of your mind. Go right ahead with the child. Give it the medicine. God will make that known." See?

32. North Star & Compass.

23-6 It's your North Star when you're lost at sea. You know, we got a lot of stars, but there's only one true star, and it don't move; that's the North Star, 'cause it sets in the center of the earth. No matter whether you're on the backside, upside, or wherever you're at, that North Star is just the same. It's your North Star.

Now, you see, there's a lot of stars that shift from place to place. But if you're in a--on the sea, why, any seaman knows; or any hunter that roams the woods, knows that your North Star is your--is your place; that's all. Then it's like your--your--your compass. Your compass won't point to Mars, or Jupiter, or somewhere; it'll point to the North Star. Why? That's your absolute.

Oh, my. Notice, your absolute. Oh, I'm going to say something; I just feel it coming on. Notice. I feel very religious at this time, because this is the assurance. Notice. Your compass can only point to the North Star. That's the only place it can point. If it's a true compass it'll strike the North Star every time. Is that right? Then if you have the Holy Spirit, It can only point to the Word. It'll never point to a denomination; It'll never point to a creed; It'll never point away somewhere; It'll point straight to the Word. I feel like shouting.

Notice, it's--it's something inside of man, pulsating. When you see your Star standing out yonder, Jesus Christ, the Word, and you see the Spirit that's in you won't let It move right or left, that's the only One that can... He come to take the things of God and to show them and manifest them.

53-6 That's why I know the Holy Spirit is my Compass that guides me. He is the One that makes me know this Word is true; He is my Absolute; He is my Sunshine; He's my Life; He's my Anchor. When troubles are on, He's my North Star. When I'm lost, the Holy Spirit is my Compass that guides me back to the place.

Denominations are like other stars; they shift with the world. Other stars shift as the world shifts, but not the North Star. The world can shift where it wants to, but it stays put. Oh, brother. The North Star is anchored. The others shift around; you can see them here and there, and everywhere else. That's the way with the denominational churches. But Christ is the absolute. He's the One you can put confidence in. When the denominations got you all twisted up, just look at the North Star. The Holy Spirit is your Compass.

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