The capstone [ 1962 1965 ] 1962 22. Ministry hones for Headstone, rapture

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41. Cannot totally annihilate.

4-7 I was speaking to a couple this afternoon about you cannot totally annihilate anything. Human beings can't annihilate. They can tear down, but not annihilate. Someone said, "Well what about taking and burning a piece of paper. Does that annihilate it?" No sir. It only breaks the chemicals apart, the heat of the fire. It goes right back to the gases, what it was in the beginning. You cannot annihilate. And if the world stood long enough that same gases that--and--and chemical that was in that paper could come right back and be a piece of paper again. That's exact... You cannot annihilate. It's exact.

God then... If there is a resurrection to everything back again and no annihilation, there's a resurrection of the just, and we're got to come back. That's all there is to it; there's no way at all of doing it. No matter if you're burnt up, if you're drowned, wherever it takes place, they cannot annihilate.

57 There is nothing that man can annihilate; there isn't one thing. You can't do nothing to completely destroy anything. You might take a piece of paper and burn it up; you might burn a building down; you might burn a tree down; you didn't annihilate it. You... That heat in there, that--that fire that breaks up, that's only chemicals bursting. They're turning back to what they was at the beginning. They're not annihilated. If you burn up a piece of wood and the world say... If we lived in eternity like God, and that chemicals out of that wood and that fire went back to its original beginnings and its--in whatever it was, the breakings of the atoms and so forth, the--the world say, stand for millions of years" that could come right straight back again and be another tree, just exactly like it was.

You cannot annihilate anything because it is a spoken Word of God. Amen. Oh, and that gets me feeling religious, now. See? What God says, it's forever stands. Amen. See, you cannot annihilate. We are a part of this earth, and we can never be completely annihilated. No, sir. The sin, the soul will be annihilated, we realize that. But the--the body that we live in cannot be annihilated. See?

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