The capstone [ 1962 1965 ] 1962 22. Ministry hones for Headstone, rapture

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37. Brother Branham’s vision of hell. [Totally lost.]

11-1 And then I was out hunting one time, which seems to be a second nature to me, to love to hunt. And I was out hunting with a boy, Jim Poole, a lovely kid. I think his boy comes to church here, little Jim. And fine family of people. I know the Pooles. Jimmy and I slept together, lived together since we were little boys in school... We're about six months apart in age. And Jimmy let his gun go off and shot me through both legs, real close to me--a shotgun, and I was taken to the hospital and there--laying there dying. No penicillin or nothing in those days. And they had a rubber sheet under me, and I know that night, they was going to operate the next morning. They just took and cleaned off the wound, and big pieces of flesh blowed up, and they'd take the scissors and cut if off, and I had to hold a man's hands. And they had--Frankie Eich, he just recently committed suicide, and I had to hold and pry my hands loose from his wrists, when--when they got through.

I screamed and cried, holding onto, like that, and them cutting that part of the leg off. I was fourteen years old, just a boy. And that night I tried to go to sleep, and they... I woke up and something splashed. And here was blood, nearly a half a gallon, I guess, that had come from them veins. And they--they taken an x-ray, and they said the shot was laying so close to that artery on either side that just a little scratch would cut it right in to, and I'd start bleeding. "Well," I thought, "This is the end of me."

And I put my hands down like this and raised it up, and the blood running down my hands; it was my own blood I was laying in. I called, rang the bell. The nurse came, and she just soaked it up with towels 'cause there's nothing they could do. And the next morning, under those weakening conditions (They didn't give the blood transfusions in them days, you know), so they--they operated on me. They gave me ether. And when I... The old ether... I guess you remember; it's the old anesthetic. And under that ether, when I came out... I was coming out of the ether after eight hours. They had to give me so much; they thought I couldn't--I wouldn't wake up. They couldn't get me awake.

I remember Mrs. Roeder stood by me out there in the hospital. I'll never forget that woman; no matter whatever happens, I can never forget her. She was just a young woman then. Her husband was superintendent down here at the car works; and I--I remember she standing by me, her and Mrs. Stewart. And they was the ones actually that paid my hospital bill. I... We didn't even have food to eat in the house; so how could I pay a hospital bill of hundreds of dollars?

But she, through her church society and the Klu Klux Klan paid the hospital bill for me: Mason's. I can never forget it. No matter what they do or what, I still... There's something that that stays with me (See?), what they did for me. And they paid the bill to Dr. Reeder. He's still living--lives here in Port Fulton, could tell you the story.

When I came out from under that ether, there's something happened to me there. I've always believed it to be a vision. 'Cause I was so weak, they thought I was dying. She was crying. When I opened my eyes to look, I could hear her talking, and then I went back to sleep and woke up two or three times.

And then I had a vision then... And then about seven months later I had to go and have shotgun wads and greasy hunting clothes taken out of my legs that the Doctor didn't get them. And so I had blood poison; both legs just swelled up and doubled back under me, and they wanted to take both legs off at my hips. And I said, "No, just come higher and take it off up here." I just couldn't stand it. See? And so finally, Dr. Reeder and Dr. Pearl, from Louisville, performed the operation, and cut down in there and taken it out; and today I've got wonderful legs by the grace of God.

But under the--the last vision that I had... The first vision when I come to, and then I went into this trance, and I thought I was in hell, just as plain... [A woman is sick--Brother Branham prays for her--Ed.] All right. Somebody lay your hands on her and she--probably get her to the air. Now, ever who's standing there, lay your hands on her. Let's pray.

Dear Lord Jesus, may our sister who is sick this morning, and she's fainted in the room, may Thy grace and strength and power... There's hands laid upon her now, representing You. And the Scripture has said, "These signs shall follow them that believe. If they lay their hands on the sick, they shall recover." And now, may our sister come out of this sickness and be made well for the glory of God. In the Name of Jesus Christ we ask it, and commit her to You. Amen.

Now, get her to the air. It's awful stuffy. I can feel it here, real real bad. It's just a fainty feeling in--in here on the platform. I've felt it four or five times here. If the... Soon as she gets feeling a little better, why, get her to where she can get to the air. That's good. Uh-huh. See, it's just so awful stuffy you know.

Human beings create--each one of us, so many square feet of just sickness. If somebody has some water there or something to put on the sister. She's--she's through all right now. All right now. See? I... All right. Yeah, maybe if you could open up the doors maybe, or give just a little bit of air, as much as we possibly can, in some way. See?

Now, in this time, as I had this vision and thinking that I had passed from this life into torment. And seven months later, here at the Clark County Memorial Hospital, I had the second operation. And at that time, when I come out, I thought I was standing out in the west. I had another vision, and there was a great golden cross in the skies, and the Glory of the Lord flowing off of that cross, and I stood with my hands out like this, and that Glory was falling into my chest. And I--the vision left me.

My father was standing there looking at me, when the vision came.

13-2 I've always felt... You... And all the people that's knowed me all these years knows I've always wanted to go west. You know how it is. It's always been something to the west. But because an astronomer told me one time the same thing, that I should go west... The stars, when they cross their cycles and so forth, I was born under that sign, and I'd never be a success in the east, I'd have to go west. And last year I took off west to--to fulfill what a lifetime's desire has been (See?) to--to do it. (…)

14-2 And now--now in this, I tell you what happened: In the vision that I had... I'll go back, because I brought that--the two visions in, to show you about one of them; I was to be out west. I've always longed for there.

And now, the purpose of the Message this morning is to post the church in everything that He will let me post the church to, as far as I know, until the--as I go along. And this struck me, so I wanted to post the church. Now, this is to this Tabernacle only (See?) to hear. Now--and in this vision, the first one, here's what taken place: After the vision struck me, and I was so weak, and I'd lost all that blood, and went... I thought I was sinking into a endless eternity. Many of you has heard me tell this before. And--and sinking into an endless eternity...

First, I was going through like clouds, and then through darkness, and sinking on down, down, down. And the first thing you know, I got into the regions of the lost. And in there I--I--I screamed, and I looked, and there was just everything; there was no foundation to it. I could never stop falling--for eternity looked like, I was going to fall; there was no stopping nowhere.

And then, what a difference it was from the vision I had here not long ago of being in glory with the people, the contrast. But in this, as I was falling, I finally... I--I screamed for my daddy. 'Course, being just a kid, that's what I would do. I screamed for my daddy; and my daddy wasn't there. I screamed for my mother; "Somebody catch me!" and was no mother there. I was just going. And I screamed then to God; there was no God there. There was nothing there.

And after while I heard the most mournful sound that I ever heard; and it was the awfullest feeling. There's no way, even a literal burning fire would be a pleasure to the sight of what this was.

Now, those visions has never been wrong. And it was just one of the most horrible feelings I ever had, and what did... I heard a noise, sounded like some kind of a haunted affair. And when it was, I looked coming, and it was women, and they had green stuff, you could just see their face, and they had green stuff under their eyes, and their eyes looked like, run back like the women today paint their eyes. Run back like that and just their eyes and face, and they were going, "UH, UH, UH, UH." Oh, my. I just screamed out, "Oh, God, have mercy upon me. Have mercy, oh God. Where are You? If You'll only let me go back and live, I promise You to be a good boy." Now, that's the only thing I could say. Now, God knows, and at the day of judgment, He will judge me for that statement. That's what I said, "Lord God, let me go back and I'll promise You I'll be a good boy."

And when I got shot, I had told lies; I had done pretty near everything there was to be done, only one thing that I say... I might as well just clean it out while I'm right here now. And when I looked down and seen I was half blowed in two almost, I said, "God, have mercy on me. You know I never did commit adultery."

That's the only thing I could say to God. I'd never accepted His pardon and all these things. I just say--could say, "I never did commit adultery." And then they taken me out there, and then in that, I cried, "God, be merciful to me. I'll be a good boy, if You'll only let me go back," for I knew there was a God somewhere. And so help me, those weary creatures all around, I'd just been a new arrival. And the most hideous, horrible, ungodly feeling in that... Looked like great big eyes--big eyelashes out like that, and run back like a cat, like--back like this, and green stuff and like it cankered or something, and they were--they were going, "UH, UH, UH."

15-4 Oh, what a feeling. Now, when I... Then in a moment's time, I had come back to natural life again. That thing has bothered me. I've thought, "Oh, let it be that I'll never go to a place like that, no other human being will ever have to go to a place like that." Seven months later, I had the vision of standing in the west and seeing that gold cross coming down upon me. And I--I knew that there were the regions of the damned somewhere.

Now, I never noticed it too much until about four weeks ago. The wife... Never thought of it in this terms... About four weeks ago, the wife and I went down to Tucson to do some shopping, and while we were setting... The wife, we'd went in downstairs, and--and there was a bunch of sissy-like boys had their hair ratted (you know, like the women does), and--and bangs combed down here in front, and these real high trousers on, kind of--I guess the beatniks or ever what you call them.

And they were in there, and everybody was looking at them, and their heads was that big like the women that wear these here water head haircuts, you know; and they were down there. A young woman came by, and she said, "What do you think about that?"

I said, "Then you ought to be ashamed of yourself if you can think that." I said, "He has just as much right to do it as you do. Neither one of you have a right."


16-2 So I went upstairs, and I set down and when I did, there was an escalator (It was at J. C. Penny's store.), and the escalator bringing the people up. Well, I really turned sick at my stomach seeing those women come up there; young, old, and indifferent, wrinkled, young, and every way, with little bitty shorts on, their filthy body, and those sexy dressed women with those great big heads like that, and here they come, and one coming out of that escalator was just coming right up like that where I was setting back in a chair, setting there with my head down, and I turned and looked. One of them coming up the steps was saying (Spanish speaking) to another woman; she was a white woman speaking to the Spanish woman. And when I looked, all at once I was changed. There I'd seen that before.

Her eyes... You know how the women are doing now, painting their eyes, just recently like cat, you know put it up like this, and wearing cat glasses and everything, you know, with eyes up like this, and that green stuff under their eyes. There was that thing that I seen when I was a child. There was the woman just exactly. And I just got numb all over, and I begin to look around, and there was those people mumbling, you know, going on about the prices and things in the building.

And I just... Looked like that I just changed for a moment. And I looked; I thought, "That's what I saw in hell." There they was, that canker. I thought because they were in hell what made them that way, a greenish blue under their eyes. And here was these women painted with greenish-blue just the way that vision said about forty years ago. See? (And about forty years ago, is what it's been. I'm fifty-four, and I was fourteen.) So about forty years ago, I... And that's the--the--that's the number anyhow of the judgment. You see?

Now, there was... I'd seen that, and I couldn't even speak to my wife when she come. She was over there trying to get Sarah and the kids something, kind of a dress or something for school, and I--I couldn't even... I couldn't even speak to her. She said, "Bill, what's the matter with you?"

I said, "Honey, I'm as--I'm almost a dead man."

She said, "What's the matter? Are you sick?"

I said, "No. Something's just happened." Now, she don't know. She's waiting for this tape to return. I've never said it to nobody. And I thought, "I'd wait," and as I promised, bring it to the church first (See?), bring it to the church. That was my promise. And you'll realize after tonight the reason I try and keep my promise. See?

I thought then as I noticed them cankered looking eyes on them women... There was the Spanish, and French, and Indian, and white, and all together, but that great big heads, you know, bushed up, with that combs, the way they comb it back, way big, and then comes out, you know... You know how they do it, fix it like they do it. And then, them cankered looking eyes and the eyes with the paint that run back like a cat's eyes; and them talking, and there I was again, standing there in J. C. Penny's store, back in hell again.

I got so scared; I thought, "Lord, surely I haven't died and You've let me come to this place after all." And there they were making... just around like that... in that vision like you could just barely hear it with your ears, you know, just the mumble and going on of people, and them women coming up that escalator and walking around there and that "Uh, uh," and there was those green, funny-looking eyes, mournful.

17-4 And wife come up and I said, "Just let me alone a minute, honey." I said, "If you don't mind, I want to go home."

She said, "Are you sick?"

I said, "No, just go ahead, honey, if you've got any shopping to do."

She said, "No, I'm finished."

And I said, "Let me take you by the arm." See? I walked out.

She said, "What's the matter?"

I said, "Meda, I--I--I...?... Something happened up there." And while I was under that, I thought this: "What day are we living in? Could this be the Third Pull?" Now, I've got some notes here.

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