The capstone [ 1962 1965 ] 1962 22. Ministry hones for Headstone, rapture

“Come back to Arizona” wrote across the wall

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34. “Come back to Arizona” wrote across the wall. [Last year highest time for visions.]

5-1 Then I come back next Monday evening sometime--afternoon or evening. And Tuesday we go back to Arizona for our--to put the children in school and so forth. And then I don't know just exactly when to be back again, because the Lord... I want Him to lead me on just what to do.

A very strange thing happened... I might as well... I know that this is taped, and I might as well place it on here. And right while visions and leadings of the Holy Spirit is moving, I like to strike just exactly while It's moving. That's... Now, in the last year it's been one of--right along with one of the most highest time for visions that I've ever had in all my ministry--has been this last year--of things that has taken place, that you people know that is foretold before it happens, and it happens just the way it--it said.

Now, we come back here and--and to visit. The climate in this place I certainly don't like 'cause it... I'm... Just breaks me down as soon as we get here. And I just... I can cross the top of the knobs up there and come down in this valley, and then I'm here about ten minutes and I've got hives, get sick (weather), swimmy-headed; everything looks spooky, dark, and I--I just have to get out of it. See?

5-4 And the other day I was talking to the wife... But what brings me in first... What brings me in here is you people (See?), this church. I tell you, of all the places I went in life, this is my favorite place to come preach the Gospel. And looks like that we can make a tape from here; it's ten times better than anywhere else. See? See, that's the reason I say, "Where God's a-doing something, then stay right with that." But I think where the great thing is, that was me failing to go out at the first time when He called me; and therefore, He makes it kind of rough on me when I come in. Obedience is better than sacrifice.

And then I'll be coming back and forth all the time, preaching in the Tabernacle. And you people that's from out of town, you'll be notified. Billy Paul will be here, right in the office, and--and he can be reached at any time through him. And we'll be coming back here to hold... And then the Seven Trumpets is coming up right away, the Lord willing, Seven Last Plagues and the Vials, and so forth, just as we can, get a little cooler weather or maybe or something, however the Lord leads...

And now, the other day coming in, I--there was a question brought up about, something about someone had given me a check and said personally, exactly, just to me and me only, tax paid, free, everything else. Well, we went and... Billy knew that I kinda had need of that check, and I... He went and asked the attorneys if we could cash it. He said, "Why, he's an American citizen; why can't he cash it?" See? Says "'Tax paid and everything else--free.' Any citizen can do that."

6-2 So then, he couldn't be satisfied with that (Billy), so he goes to the public accountant, and he said, "Why certainly, he can cash that." Said, "He's a citizen of the United States." So well, he couldn't think good about that, so he called Merle Miller (that's the head of the--the tax association at Indianapolis that was our attorneys), and so (Issen, Miller)--and so, "Sure, it's all right. (See?) Sure he can have that check. It's--it's made out to him, endorsee only." I can--only one can endorse it and so forth, and it couldn't be stamped with our...

See, I don't cash no checks. That's what they got me for the other time. Somebody'd bring in a bunch of checks, and say, "Here, Brother Branham..." at the meeting. I'd say, "William Branham, William Branham..." Well, the government was taking care of all of that all the time. And I was signing them to myself and was paying the debts out there, but they said I owed delinquent taxes on all of it, anyhow: $300,000.00. So--so then, that's where the fuss came.

So then, as soon as I put this check in, whammy! here come the agent right back. Said, "We'll reopen the case for him now." So it made it kind of rough.

And Brother Lee Vayle setting here (I guess it is all right to say it,) we just... He come down, and this fine scholared Baptist here (I baptized him in the Name of Jesus Christ here in the pool the other day.)--Brother Lee Vayle. And so, he's really a fine man, a brother in Christ; he's preached for us here before, highly intellectually educated, and besides that, a Spirit-led man. When the Light flashed across him, he said he tried to get away, but just couldn't do it. So I baptized him right here the other morning. Couldn't stand it any longer, so we just come down here, put on our clothes, went in, and was baptized in the Name of Jesus Christ.

Well, I thought being he had taken that fine spiritual food, maybe to talk a little bit, we'd take some natural food. So we goes over to the Blue Boar, sets down, was talking. And the subject come up, "How do you let people talk about you like that?" Now, Brother Vayle is one of the finest men I ever knowed, but he's just a little too quick on the trigger, I always told him, you know. And so he--so I said... (I hope that's all right, Brother Vayle.) So he--I said, "Don't fly loose all at once; set still. God's the One that's a-doing it."

He said, "Aw, it might be all right for you," he said--he said, "but, well, he--he..." I believe he--he's so smart till that's what he's been meeting (those smart intellectual people), so he just knows how to pour it in there, and they ain't got no place to stand. That's all.

7-3 So I said, "Look, Brother Vayle..." We was sitting at the Blue Boar. I said, "David, one day after being throwed from the throne by his own son, run off the throne, mutiny, Israel divided, and David took off the throne by his own son, and was going out of the city, weeping... And a guy that didn't like his last day Message, you know; he didn't care for him, little old fellow, kind of crippled up, going along there making fun of him, and he spit on David. And that guard drew that sword, said, 'I'll let the head of that dog stay on him and spit on my king?' David said, 'Let him alone; the Lord told him to do that.' See? Spit on him; making fun of him and then spit on him. Said, 'The Lord told him to do that.' Well, we know the story, how it returned back." Brother Vayle thought that took a whole lot of grace to do that.

So no more than coming back and entering the office, the public accountant called Billy Paul and told him about this. So Brother Vayle went up the house with me, and I walked in; I said to the wife (long about sometime in the afternoon)... We went in a room. I said, "I got something to tell you, honey."

We had just been talking before I left. She said, "Bill, I know that God sent you out there; we all know that; but He never told you to come back." She said, "Now, that's where I'm worried about."

I said, "Well, I think it's for you and the children. Don't matter for me. I'm going to serve Him, Lord willing, wherever I go."

And so, walked back, and I told her about it like that. So I just turned around, laid my hat up, and somebody said something about, "Oh, this tax collector...?..." Just kind of raved it out, something like that... Not thinking of what I had told of Brother Vayle, I said, "Let him alone. Maybe the Lord told him to do that." I no more than said that, till a Light flashed on the wall and wrote across there (Brother Vayle and my wife setting there), "Come on back to Arizona." With letters wrote across the wall, "Come on back to Arizona." That's right. So, here I go (Amen!) back to Arizona.

8-1 Now, this week has been a week of great blessings. We had private interviews this week of people who'd been waiting since the Seven Seals. And I don't doubt but some of them of 'course was called in from out of the town--across the nation. But the morning before the interviews started, setting in the room, the Holy Spirit let me write out exactly everything they knew, everything they wanted to ask, rotate the questions just the way they wanted to, and tell them their dreams and interpretations before they ever told me.

Now, the people are in the room here--there. And I'd go ahead and let them talk. They'd say, "Well, Brother Branham, I come such and such."

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