The capstone [ 1962 1965 ] 1962 22. Ministry hones for Headstone, rapture

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31. Anointed Word for Age. [Anointed messiah]

30-4 The church hated Him. Why? He was their very God. They hated Him and denied Him to be their Messiah. No, sir, they didn't want such a Messiah as that. And today the church does the same thing; it denies the Word. They don't want It; It's contradictory to what they've been taught to believe by their creeds. And the Word is the Messiah. You believe that? Well, the reflection of the Word then is what? A reflecting of Messiah, which is the Holy Ghost among us. He's reflecting Himself, tries to, wherever He can find a lamp that He can look through, that ain't smoked up with creeds and things. He can give Light through.


146 But the Church of the living God, that Bride moves right on just the same. And She'll go in the rapture by the Word (That's right.); the Word and the Word will come together. If we're a part of Christ, part of It, we have to be His Word, 'cause He is the Word. That's right. Yes, sir.

They have refused the anointed Word of promise of this age, and He is always the Word. If God sent us an anointed, promised Word again, for this age, in 1946, He would be the same He was when He come in the beginning, the anointed Word for the age. Hebrews 13:8 throws it right back in your lap and says He's the same yesterday, today, and forever. That's exactly right.

And we... And He would stay with the Father's promised Word for this age. If Jesus comes, He'd be just exactly what the Word said It would be in this age.


70 And again, the--the church seen Him in His great power of manifesting. Manifesting what? Not manifesting a creed, He was manifesting the Word. He was the Anointed Word, Himself. And when they seen that taking place, the manifestation, the anointed Messiah, they turned It down. They didn't want It. It wasn't in their taste. That's the pitiful part. How many... Just think of it. Just as in other days.

See, each had their own interpretation of the Word. That's what--the reason Israel didn't recognize Moses. That's the reason the world didn't recognize Noah. That's the reason all the prophets wasn't recognized. They had their own interpretation of the Word. But God in every age has had His Messiah. To reject Noah's Message was to rejecting God. To reject Noah was to perish. To reject Moses was to perish. It was... They were the anointed messiah's for that age, the Word that was promised for that age.

84 I wonder if this great thing, this Ecumenical Council that we got in the world today, and the World Council of Churches forming together make us all one, I wonder if they realize that that is exactly what the Scriptures said they would do. But they think it's the most wonderful thing in the world, that all of us can join hands and be one. Said, "Jesus prayed that we might be one." That is true. But not that kind of one.

He said, "Be one as I and the Father are One." Yeah, be that kind of One. Then how will that be? The Word in us would be the anointed Word. That is the oneness of God. See, the oneness of God is the Word anointed in you. See? And then you become a son, a messiah of the age.

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