The capstone [ 1962 1965 ] 1962 22. Ministry hones for Headstone, rapture

Calling for revival; but rejecting Word

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30. Calling for revival; but rejecting Word.

26-4 They call for a revival everywhere. How you going to have a revival when the Word Itself can't work through the people? I'd like for somebody to answer that for me. How can it do, when you deny the very revival itself? Well did the prophet speak of them, "forms of godliness." Their own forms back there denied the Word of Life. Their own forms today deny the thing that can bring them a revival. Their creeds and forms... Yes, sir. They take the denomination and their creeds instead of the--the Word, and that crucifies His Word and makes His Word of no effect to the people. When they see the Word of God so vividly in--It just place Itself, that God made the promise He would do this, and here He is doing it, and they make fun of It and get away from It, it's blasphemy. And they try to crucify the Word Itself. Why do they crucify It? They can't crucify the Word no more than they could crucify God. They could crucify the body that held God, the Son of God; they could crucify that, but they can't crucify God. He had to be that time, on account of being the Sacrifice to bring in many sons that's predestinated to Eternal Life. They had to do it then, but they can't do it now. They can't do it, for the Word Itself will live on.

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