The capstone [ 1962 1965 ] 1962 22. Ministry hones for Headstone, rapture

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29. I indict this generation. [Denominations]

20-3 Notice, "They," the worshippers, the men who had looked for the promise, the men who had looked for it through years and ages and with nothing to do but in that constant seminary; but they had divided the Word according to the teaching of the seminary, and they had missed the very truth of It. "They," the priests, the ministry of that day; "there," at their headquarters, "they," the ministry of that day was killing the very God, the very Lamb. The very One that they claimed they were worshipping, they were killing.

And today I indict this bunch of ordained ministers. In their creeds and denominations they are crucifying to the people the very God that they claim that they love and serve. I indict these ministers in the Name of the Lord Jesus, upon their doctrine, that claim that the days of miracles is past, and that the water baptism in the Name of Jesus Christ is not sufficient and not right. Upon any of these words that they have substituted creeds for, I indict them as guilty, and the Blood of Jesus Christ upon their hands, for crucifying afresh the Lord Jesus the second time. They are crucifying Christ to the public, taking from them the thing that they're supposed to be giving to them, and they substituted something else in Its place: a church creed for popularity.

There "They, they," the ones who ought to have knowed better... If anybody should've known better, it should been them ministers. If anybody should know better, it should be the clergy of this day. If anybody ought to know, the--the bishops, and archbishops, and--and ministers, and doctors of divinity ought to know different. But why can't they? Oh, what a contradiction. What have we got before us here but a contradiction? They claim that they worship God, and they are killing the Prince of Life.

"They, There they crucified Him," and here "they" again do the same thing, for He is the Word. That's what... He's only a reflection of the Word. And that's what He is today, a reflection of the Word, trying to find--find somebody to reflect Himself through.

21-3 And these people keep the congregation away from God. And--and if there's anything happens, and it's spoke of in the congregation, they condemn it from the platform, from the pulpit, and say, "It's fanaticism; stay away from it." In doing so, they crucified Jesus Christ in 1963, and are just as guilty as those guys at the--at that day. That's an awful statement, but it's the truth.

Upon... That's exactly what they do today. And upon this grounds, upon the grounds of crucifying Christ, upon the grounds of taking the Word, and taking It away from the people, is exactly what they were doing there. The very Word that God was reflecting through His own Son to prove It was, and the One that they claim that they loved, the Jehovah that had manifested Himself by the Scriptures, done exactly what He said He would do, exactly what God said He would do, and reflected It before them. Because the love of their church groups and things like that, they condemned the Prince of Life. And I condemn the same group today and indict them as guilty before the--God, by the Word of God, that they're doing the same thing. This generation is indicted.

43-1 I challenge any man to show me anybody (And I know this tape goes around the world.), any man, any bishop, that'll come to my study or before this congregation and point their finger to one place anybody was ever baptized in the name of the Father, Son, Holy Ghost in the New Testament. I'll show you where every person that ever was baptized, and those who were baptized different had to come to be rebaptized to get the Holy Ghost. What are you going to do about it? Stay out there in your creeds? Stay out there in your dogmas and die. You're guilty, wicked hands, you've took the Prince of Life, the Word of Life, and crucified It to the people.

Now, what did they do? They didn't know it. Today men walk ignorantly; they don't know that's the Truth. They think it's some kind of a ism. They don't dig down deep enough to get into the spirit of revelation. They don't pray enough; they don't call upon God enough. They just lightly take it, "Oh, well, I believe it's God. Sure." The devil believes the same thing. The devil believes it more than some people claim to believe; the devil believes it and trembles. People just believe it and go on, but the devil trembles, knowing his judgment is coming. And people believe it and don't pay no attention that judgment that's coming.

Guilty of crucifying Him. Sure. I indict this generation, finding them guilty by the same Word that found them guilty at the beginning. That's right. Jesus said, "Who can condemn Me?" He was the Word made flesh. And today the same Word's made flesh.

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