The capstone [ 1962 1965 ] 1962 22. Ministry hones for Headstone, rapture

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29. Vision of second climax. [Ministry to be crowned.]

E-11 And you know, I had a vision not long ago, a few weeks ago that I was preaching from the sun, and had a great audience. And it will come to pass. And I was preaching, and my audience was a--a--a cathedral in the forest. And the sun that I was standing in was shining down on many places. I had two climaxes to make, and I was showing them about Divine healing, about visions, and how that God had promised, and everything. And they was rejoicing.

But then, when I got down to make... My first climax was to tell them that all these things was the Word. And when I got to say that, everybody got hungry. I do preach awful long. But they got hungry and wanted to go get something to eat, and they started going away.

I said, "Wait a minute. You haven't heard. See, I want to tell you where it comes from. It's the Word, the Word." And when I started to say it--talk it back about the Word, and how it was done by the Word, everybody left. Well, that's the way it's happened. And when I was stand there, the Scriptures come to me... (in the vision setting in a chair, about nine o'clock one morning at my home.)

And then, you know, our Lord when He was His young ministry, when He was healing the sick and everything, that young Rabbi from Galilee, He was a great fellow. But one day He begin to get down on the Word. And when He got on the Word, the people walked away. The seventy left Him. And then He turned and said to twelve, "Will you go also?." See?

Then I happened to think in my vision, "Yes, that's right. See, I got another climax, a great climax I've got to make. See? But the sun's a shining bright now. But the evening shadows will be falling after while. They'll all be coming back again. Then I'll make this other climax. I raised up my hand, and said, "Glory to God. I won't have to study no more, because my commission in the beginning was stay with the Word, and I'll stay with that. And then when I start again, I'll just background what I said, and then wait for this climax." And I thought, "I mustn't forget it." And I come out of the vision. I don't know what--what text I had. But there's another climax coming, just as sure.


7-7 In the vision the other day, you know as I had here not long ago telling me about what was going to happen, how I was preaching in--from the sun into this place, and--and then He said, "Now, remember, the second climax is yet to come."

And I thought, "There'll be a message." You remember my message here? The opening of that capstone, where those seven voices and Seals was not even wrote in the Word of God. Remember? And It took me into that pyramid. And Junie Jackson (if you are here), that dream that you give me not long ago, I won't tell it this morning, you were so... God was so perfectly... Excuse me for not giving you the interpretation, 'cause I seen something moving.

J. T., same thing. See? And I--I--I knew that. And Sister Collins, exactly the same. See? And six of those leading right straight to the same thing, and then the vision that I told you all years ago, it happened just the other day (See?), that would happen. And there it is laying right everything laying right out there. It's just something moving. I don't know what it is. God help me, is my prayer. Let us pray.

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