The capstone [ 1962 1965 ] 1962 22. Ministry hones for Headstone, rapture

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23. Brother Way raised from dead.

173 God bless you each one and we hope to see you again real soon. Till then, will you do this one favor for me now, both here and on tapes also, you brethren? Pray that God will place into my heart that something that I lost out there in that complex. It's so easy to build a complex. I had a interview the other day with my Brother Way setting here, setting here in front of us: a good man but built hisself around a complex, another kind of a complex. Did the same thing. Brother Way, you can so easily do it. It's... You just get a little something in your mind, keep thinking that way... Go back and check it with the Scripture, see if it's right or not, and then go from there on. Yeah. Don't lose the feeling of the people. See? You must remember they're not made out of sawdust; they're flesh and blood, human beings with a soul. Pray for me, all of you, if you will. God bless you now.


176 Let us pray now, Brother... [Woman in congregation cries out.] Someone fainted. Just a minute, set still now.

Heavenly Father, let Thy mercy just...?... in Brother Way...?... In the Name of Jesus Christ...?... come to pass. Give him back, Lord, give him the strength...?...

So help me, his heart starts beating again...?... Lord Jesus, let Thy goodness and mercy be...?... It's over. As I stand here on this altar where funerals has been preached, where I stand here where hundreds of people that's prayed through to Christ... I reached down; his eyes was set; his pulse was gone. And no more than called the Name of Jesus Christ, and his pulse started jumping back...?... Praise the Lord. As a minister of the cross, I say that in the Name of Jesus Christ. Isn't He wonderful? A heart attack... See? I'm so thankful it happened just now, instead of waiting till we got away. See the grace of God? The Lord be blessed. Let us just bow our heads.


15 Sunday, while speaking, we... I was asking the people to turn around in the Tabernacle and shake hands with each other. And there was a--a dear friend; I've just learned to love him. He just come into the church, he and his wife. His wife's a registered nurse. And he himself is an Englishman. She's a Norwegian. How that ever happened, I don't know. But, however, they're both fine people. And this--this brother has had a little something wrong, kind of in his heart. And very fine Christian man, and an intellectual man too; he does secular work for accountants and so forth. And he turned around, and, when he did, a heart attack struck him, and he pitched over on the floor, dead.

And his wife, being a nurse, she grabbed him quickly, and grabbed his pulse over his heart, "He's gone." And I looked at his face, real dark; his eyes was turned back, not just closed his eyes, but his eyes pushed out in front. And he was... I'd come over the platform, tried to get the audience quietened, many people was trying to help the sister, of course, in that condition, with her husband. Someone laid something over his head, or under his head, rather.

I took ahold of his heart, to--his pulse at his arm, and no more pulse than there is on that piece of wood. And then I knelt down and prayed, "Lord Jesus, I pray Thee, give back our Brother Way his life." And his heart beat four or five times, and started off beating regular again. And he jumped back up again, and he was trying to talk. He couldn't talk; he was... The blood stops, you know, when the heart stops. And it was quite some time before his blood got circulating just right. And I heard him call my name, and then I got back in the platform.

Brother Way, I wonder if you'd just stand up so the people would see who the man was. That's the man that dropped dead, Sunday morning of a heart attack. [The congregation rejoices.] Sister Way, his wife, a nurse who's standing there to take his pulse to see, and see that he... So I... That sounds very strange, maybe, to people who wouldn't believe these things. But I have seen the Lord Jesus raise the dead many times. And that's not new to us, so we wouldn't... I think it's fine to brag on Jesus, but I think it ought to be some truth, what you're bragging about. So we've seen Him... I've seen Him, in the last fifteen years, of many infallible cases, raise up the dead.

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