The capstone [ 1962 1965 ] 1962 22. Ministry hones for Headstone, rapture

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BLACK HORSE RIDER. [Revelation 6:5-6]


262-3 Now, the Lamb's got the Book in His hand breaking the Seal. Broke the first one, second one, and now, He breaks the third one. And as He breaks it, the Lamb breaks it, the Third Seal, the third beast... Now, how many knows what the third beast looked like? Looked like a man. The first one looked like a lion; the other one looked like a calf or an ox, and the third one looked like a man, as a man.

And he heard the--the living creature that--the beast, living creature like a man said to John, "Come, see what it is, this mystery that's been hid." All down through the years of redemption, since the foundation of the world, It's been hid under this Seal, what's going to happen. Now, come, look what it is." And so he opens it up; a thunder blasts; and the Lamb opens the Seals.


263-5 Now, last night we found out that the same rider that rode the white horse was the same one on the red one. And the voice said--in the midst of the beast called out (You see?) to come to see what it was; he was in this living creature. And he saw this black horse, and when the voice in the midst of the four beasts called out, "A measure of wheat for a penny, and--and three measures of barley for a penny, but see that thou hurt not the--the oil and the wine." See?

This rider, let's discuss him. If you'll notice the first rider, who he was, and we found out last night, Scripturally, that the second rider was exactly the same man, only he was on another horse. What happened? He changed his ministry. See? That's right. We found out he was an antichrist, and he'd changed his position. We found out that when he first just was a white horse, he become a doctrine. Now, we're taking every one of these right back in the Scriptures. See?

Now, watch where we're at tonight, that other church age now. See? We're come down to the third church age now. See? Just exactly on the third church age is just exactly like the third horse. See?

Now, the first church age what it was? The Nicolaitane's had a doctrine (See?) just the first one. All right. And then the first thing we know this Nicolaitane doctrine, it become sanctioned and was right, went into action. And they crowned this fellow. Then this spirit, antichrist, become incarnate in a man. See? And we find out later on he becomes an incarnate devil too. The demon goes away, and the devil comes in.

And just as that church is--that kinda antichrist church progresses, so has the Bride come along with different things; through justification, sanctification, baptism of the Holy Ghost, just moving right on (See?), just like that. Only they taken their revival first, and the Church is taking it the last.

Their first three years--first three stages of them that went to the dark age, then the third three stages comes the Church out from justification, sanctification, baptism of the Holy Ghost again, incarnate God made manifest among us.

Here he comes in as the antichrist, as the false prophet, then the beast, then in dark age. And the Church comes out of that dark age, justification, sanctification, baptism of the Holy Ghost, incarnate Word, the way now. Uh-huh. And he goes down. he does... He goes down; the Church goes up. See? It's just as perfect as it can be. Oh, it's beautiful. I just love it.

This rider is the same one but another stage of his ministry. The first stage, a white horse (See?), he was just a teacher, just an antichrist teacher; he was against the Word of God. And now, how can you be an antichrist? Anybody that denies that every Word of this--isn't true and to be taught just the same, is an antichrist, 'cause they deny the--the--the--the--the Word, and He is the Word.

264-7 Now, first stage, white horse, he was just a teacher, but an antichrist spirit in its doctrine and its quality. It was innocent. It couldn't hurt nothing, seemed like, just going on... That's the way Satan comes in. Oh, he's a slick bird.


265-6 Same rider now... This first stage, he was innocent; and second (Now, if you went a little bit higher, a little more than that, in the second stage the Bible said he'd be given a crown, and they crowned a man, a superman. See?), crowned him. And then the Bible didn't call him a pope. The Bible called him a false prophet. Why? Yeah. Of course he must be a false prophet by his antichrist spirit that taught antichrist against the original Word. 'Cause if you taught against the original Word, it was antichrist, it was--and the Word is God (See?), Christ. All right.

Now, after that, we find him then crowned. When he got crowned... Now, he's a very innocent, helpless; he's just a little fellow. But then in the Nicene Council, he was made... And Constantine give him all the property. And then what did he do? Then he... See, Satan give him his throne and authority. The Bible said so as we have went through it.

Now, the next thing we find out that the devil controls all politics that ever has been or ever will be. We find that in Matthew 4:11. And now, we find out then that Satan already had politics, but he's trying to get the church. So he goes down to deceive it. He gets his superman, works him into an organization and crowns him vicar (See?) of Christ. Christ acted instead of God. See this guy's a vicar instead of God. See? Just the same: instead of God, what he's supposed to be, a vicar under Christ.

Now, now, when he did that, then what did he do then? He... Satan took his political power (which he was already over) and took the religious power (which he had already been crowned) and put them together, and then he made him another crown over hell. And then when they had passed on, if they pay enough money, he'd get them out. See? So now he's--he's vicar over heaven, over purgatory, as he wants to call it. No such thing in the Bible (See?), but he had to make something. The Bible said he come out of the bottomless pit and returns back the same way, and on earth, a ruler...

Now, what was he given then? First he had a bow, but he didn't have any arrows. But now he's got a mighty sword in his hand. He can do something now. Then he jumps off his white horse; the white horse rides on out. Now he straddles what? A red horse, blood, blood red horse. He really rides that one. Oh, sure. Now, he's given great power and a great sword to kill; then he rides his blood red horse.

We see from the Second Seal that was broke last night, he taken peace from the earth and did kill one another. And his own martyrology of the Roman Catholic church shows that they put sixty-eight million Protestants to death from the time of Saint Hippo of--after Saint Augustine of Hippo until 1580 something: sixty-eight million. (Smucker's "Great Reform," if you want to read it--"Glorious Reform," it was. See?) Now, sixty-eight million recorded on the martyrology...

When one of their so-called saints got the revelation that anybody that disagreed with the Roman church should die as a heretic... That just set them around then. Boy, he went to spilling the blood. He--he jumped on his white horse--on his red horse, and he went to riding.

Oh, now, his great power comes; he was made vicar of heaven and worshipped as God, ruler of the earth. By uniting the church and state together made him ruler on earth, give him a crown over that. He could pray the souls out of purgatory. He could also inter... He was just like God on earth: instead of God.

267-3 Together he had great power to kill whomever did not agree with his command. Who's going to say anything to him? The church can't say nothing; he's head of it. State can't say nothing; he's head of it. So they died by the millions. All them little churches, brother, was busted up, and killed, and murdered, and fed to lions and everything else. See? The dragon, Rome, give him his seat and authority. The Bible said so. See? So he rode his typed red horse through human blood till it become a red horse.

Now, John sees him on a black horse. He changed something else. Now, I have to--to say this just the way it comes to me; and then... And if it come to me and didn't compare with the rest of the Scriptures, then God never give it. See, the Scriptures has to every one; it's just one great big--big thing, like that. Scripture has to agree with Scripture, and anything contrary to the Scripture... If that Angel of the Lord told me anything that wasn't Scriptural, I wouldn't believe Him.


269-2 Now, now, here is the mystery of this. And now, It... When it revealed to me early this morning 'fore daylight, then I went quickly to the Scripture and begin to look--search it up. Here it was. Three of them so far has been absolutely supernaturally revealed. That's right. Now, here is the mystery of the black horse according to what it was revealed to me. See?

He has started riding him in the time of the dark ages. That's what the dark horse represented: the dark ages, for it was a time of midnight to the true believers that was left. Watch now in that church age, that middle church age, the dark church age. Watch how he says, "You just have a little strength." It was a midnight to them for the true believer.

Now, watch. Practically all hope had been taken from the true church for this fellow controlled both church and state. What are they going to do? See? Catholicism had taken over both church and state, and all didn't agree with Catholicism was killed. That's the reason he was on a dark horse. And watch what a dark thing he done (See?), then you can see. And you just... If you know your history, watch it. And you... Well, you won't have to even know it to know this.

Now, watch. All hope was gone; that's his black horse. Now, he rode in on his white horse, cunning; then he was give power, he took peace, slaughtered the millions. That's what he was going to do as he rode on through; and he still does it. See? Now, here he is on his black horse now, coming forth, dark age, that was that time, just about the time after the church got set up and got in power, they smothered out everything else and went through about hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of years is what every reader knows that was the dark ages. How many knows that? Sure, the dark ages. There's your dark horse, representing that dark age.

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