The capstone [ 1962 1965 ] 1962 22. Ministry hones for Headstone, rapture

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3. Sword in my hand is the Word. [March, 1963]

68-1 (…) How many in here has read "What Time Is It, Sirs?" or has heard it, you know, "What Time Is It, Sirs?" That's bothered me quite a bit. If you haven't, I wish some way, if you could get a--to hear it or some way... Kind of bothered me, I just wanted to drop this before starting the service. About--about a week or ten days ago I was so disturbed, I just... I--I--I just didn't... I wouldn't take services or anything, because I--I didn't know. It--it seemed like it could be something that was bad, and I didn't know just what it was. So I...

One early morning, I got up to go up into Sabino Canyon, which from the house is only about thirty minutes drive to the--or forty to the head of the Sabino Canyon; then there's a road that runs thirty miles up into the mountain: strange country up there. I can be here on the desert where it's eighty and ninety, right now, and in thirty minutes be in eight foot of snow (See?), on top of the mountain.

We was at Phoenix just recently where it was twenty something, twenty-eight degrees (They had the swimming pool heated, people swimming.) and about forty minutes drive from there, it was forty below zero at Flagstaff. See? That's the difference from the up currents and the desert... And very healthy for asthmatics and so forth. But...

Now, I went up in the canyon, and I climbed way as high as I could go, and I--I--I asked the Lord, while setting up in there, what all this meant and so forth. I was kinda bothered and didn't know just what to do.

And so, while I was praying, and strange thing happened. I--I--I want to be honest. Now, I could've fallen asleep. It could've been like a trance, or it could've been a--a vision. I'm more less inclined to believe that it was a vision that... I had my hands out saying, "Lord, what does this blast mean, and what does these seven Angels in a constellation of--of the pyramid, picking me up from off the ground and turning eastward: what does it mean?"

68-6 I was standing there in prayer, and something happened. And now, something fell in my hand. Now, I know if you don't understand spiritual things, it may seem very strange. But something struck in my hand; and when I looked, it was a sword. And the handle was made of pearl, the prettiest pearl I ever seen. And the--the guard (you know, where I guess, it's to keep your hands from being lanced, you know, while you're--the--the people were dueling) was gold. And the saber's blade wasn't too long, but it was just razor sharp, and it was glistening silver. And it was the prettiest thing I ever seen. It just fit my hand exactly, and I was holding it. I said, "Isn't that pretty?" I looked at it, and I thought, "But you know, I always afraid of a sword." I was kind of glad that I lived out of the days that they used them, because I--I'm afraid of a knife. And so I--I thought, "What would I do with that?"

And while holding it in my hand, a voice from somewhere said, "That is the King's sword." And then it left me.


15 Now, radio audience, this may seem strange that I have said, but it's the truth. And God is my Judge.

I looked in my hand, and there was a sword, had a sheath over the handle part. And the handle itself was made of pearl, and just looked like kind of a gold-like guard over the handle part. And the--the knife itself looked rather like it was kind of a shiny like, oh, something like chrome or something glistening in the sun.

Now, it was about ten or eleven o'clock in the morning, way on top of a mountain. You can imagine how a person (that I feel that I'm in my right mind) would feel standing there with a sword from nowhere, people for miles and miles, holding that in your hand. I felt of it, took and waved the blade back and forth, and, why, it was a sword.

And I looked around. I said, "Well, now, how could that ever happen? Here I am standing here, right here, and no one around for miles and miles, and where did that come from?" I said, "Well, I--I suppose maybe it's the--the Lord telling me it's my end time."

And a Voice spoke and said, "This is the Sword of the Lord."

And I thought, "Well, a sword, then it's to--for like a king to knight." You know how they used to do in England and different places. I thought, "That's what that is for, to knight." And I thought, "Well, maybe I'm supposed to lay hands on people, or..." I had all kinds... The human mind can be all messed up, you know. You don't know. Our minds is finite; His is infinite. So and as I was, it... Then it left my hand and I didn't know where it went, just disappeared. Why, if a person didn't understand a little bit about spiritual things, you--you'd go crazy like that. You'd be standing there, wondering what happened.

And He said, "The vision is not your end time. It's for your ministry. That Sword is the Word. The Seven Seals will be opened, the mysteries of..."

21 And then two weeks after that, or two months, rather, after that, I was up in the mountain with a bunch of friends when it happened. Seven Angels, just as clear as you're standing here, came sweeping down from heaven. The rocks in the mountains rolled out and down the hills, and--and people standing there were screaming and going on, you know, and the dust flying everywhere. And when it was, He said, "Return to your home. Now, will be, each Angel will be one of the seals of the Seven Seals."

Which it's on tape. And the book will be out pretty soon, being now it's kind of grammarized. As you know, my grammar's not very good, and people wouldn't... You just have to be people that love me and know how to understand me on my grammar. But some theologian is grammarizing it for me, and taking out all the--the... Well, maybe I said the wrong word there. I don't even know. So I heard someone laughing, so I guess that "grammarize" wasn't right. But like the Dutchman, you take me for what I mean and not what I say, really.

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