The capstone [ 1962 1965 ] 1962 22. Ministry hones for Headstone, rapture

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[Sister Steffy’s dream, #6.]

21-2 Then Sister Steffy... She may not be here because she's been in the hospital. I don't know where... Is Sister Steffy... Yes, here she is. Sister Steffy comes to my house for prayer before she went to the hospital for surgery, that God would help her and bless her, and He certainly did.

And she said, "I had a strange dream, Brother Branham."

I said, "Yes."

And she said, "I dreamed that I was out west and I..." That's the sixth one. And she said, "I dreamed I was out west, and it's rolling country, and when I looked, standing upon a hill, there was a real old man with long white beards, and what hair he had, was growed down across his face, and he had a white wrap-around, something, garment," said, "the wind was blowing it." I think that's right, Sister Steffy, like that. And said, "I kept drawing closer; he was standing up on top of a mountain, watching eastward." And said, "I wondered, 'Who is this old man?'" And she moved closer, closer; and when she got closer, she recognized who it was. It was the immortal Elijah the prophet, standing up there watching the east.

She said, "I must see him." She had a need. And she ran up the hill, and fell down there to speak to him in the name of Elijah, and said when she spoke, she heard a voice say, "What do you want, Sister Steffy?" And it was me.

Your dream was fulfilled right there, Sister Steffy. For immediately after that, I'd went to Louisville. What you was needing was the prayer, see that she got through all right at the hospital; and the sign of me going westward, watching eastward, for my flock.

Notice, when... I went to Louisville, and when I come back, I kind of started in the gate, and there was stobs drove there over my gate. Mr. Goyne, of the city street here, was going up the lane. He said, "Billy, come here." He said, "You have to move your gates and things: fence, stone fence, and gates.

I said, "Well, okay Bill. I said, "I--I'll do it. When?"

He said, "I'll tell you. I'll let you know when."

I said...

"Right, the first of the year they're going to start doing it.

I said, "All right."

53-4 The people are present now, the six people that had those dreams. Isn't it strange there wasn't seven? Isn't it very strange that six led right up, and then that vision immediately. The people are here. Brother Jackson here was one; Brother Parnell was another one; Sister Collins was another one; Sister Steffy was another one; Brother Roberson was another one, and Brother Beeler was another one. And the heavenly Father knows there was not one more pertaining to it. At the end of that seventh one, which was Sister Steffy, immediately, the vision broke forth.

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