The capstone [ 1962 1965 ] 1962 22. Ministry hones for Headstone, rapture

(…) [Brother Parnell’s dream, #5.]

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[Brother Parnell’s dream, #5.]

20-1 Notice, then what took place? Then immediately after that fourth vision come on, or fourth dream that was told me, up come a Brother Parnell. He's here somewhere: right here. And Billy wasn't here, and the man was frantic. He is from Bloomington I believe, or Bedford? Lafayette, holding meetings... And he had a dream, and he come down to Brother Wood. And he said, "I just can't let this go. I've got to tell it, got to tell Brother Branham. It's bothering me." And God knows, not one dream in between them. Just come one, two, three, four, five, six.

Brother Parnell said, "I had a strange dream. I dreamed that I was going to have a meeting up there, and somehow another there was a meeting here in a new church like." And he said... This new church, how it come out, that he wondered why they wasn't cooperating between the two, or something on that way. And said he was standing here, thought, "Well, I have been in here; I'll just wait, and I'll attend the service." And said a man come through the building with a brown suit on and a book. I think he was writing. And he told Brother Parnell, said, "This is a closed meeting. It's only for deacons and trustees." Well, he kinda felt a little stepped on. So he went out the door of the new church, the church that had been erected, or this one repaired, fixed over; and when he went outside it was snowing, bad weather, wintertime. And none of these people knowed nothing about this.

And when he went out the door, I was standing there, looking westward. And I said, "Don't feel stepped on, Brother Parnell. I'll direct you what you should do."

And Brother Parnell and any of the rest of them knowed I never told them no interpretation. It's right now. Yet seeing it when they would speak it. Did you notice how quick I got out of there, Brother Parnell, to keep from having to tell you? And went on up never said nothing to Brother Wood or nobody else, nobody. Just left it, 'cause I wanted to see what it was leading to. Have you heard me say lately, "I'm bothered?" That is what it was.

And then, Brother Parnell, he said that I said to him, "Brother Parnell, start, and the first place you'll come to will be Zipporah," Zipporah? "Zipporah," which means "hyphen, or stop or something." I said, "Don't stay there." Then go next, and you'll find an old woman; and then don't stop there. Go again, you'll find a real old woman; don't stop there. And all the time we were--I was talking, we were walking through the snow. And I said, "Go till you find my wife, and when you find my wife, stop there." And said he looked, and we was out of the snow on the desert. And I'd vanished. And he looked back and he saw his wife pumping water from a well, and some minister pulling on her, to pull her away from the pump. She was watching him, and he woke up.

21-1 Here's the interpretation of your dream. And I could've told you that night, but I just turned away. Insomuch that Zipporah, and one old woman, and another real, real, old woman, that's churches. See? And Zipporah, being actually the--the wife of Moses, Zipporah, and we notice that I told him not to stop at them; no matter how old they was, they were organizations. Don't stop at them. They've lived their time. But when he comes to my wife, which is my church that Jesus Christ has sent me to in this last day, and here it is; stop there. And I was gone westward.

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