The capstone [ 1962 1965 ] 1962 22. Ministry hones for Headstone, rapture

Vision of a weasel looking squirrel

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42. Vision of a weasel looking squirrel. [Dove and Eagle] [Brother Branham’s stomach problems.]

137 I've been a neurotic all my life. As a little boy there was something struck me, that scare me, about every seven years it would happen to me. Brother Jack remembers when I first started, come off the field for a year; something just happened.

I remember the day that Juanita Hemphill... I think her name's Juanita Kelly now; she married Brother Kelly after the death of her husband. Anna Jeanne, I've got their pictures and things, they were such... And her... And them two girls and Sister Moore had a--a little trio. They sang that song that I never forget: "Looking Beyond the Sunset." Brother Jack, you remember, I guess, coming up from Florida. What fine little girls.

And I remember that morning a little Pentecostal group from up here in northern part of the country, in Michigan somewhere, those girls stood out there when Brother Hooper... I seen him here the other night, I... He may not be here now, Brother Ed Hooper. Are you here, Brother Ed? I don't think he... He set here the other night. None... Many of you know him. He and I, and Brother Hooley, we was leaving. And those girls standing there on the corner singing that, gave us, each one, a yellow rose that they took out of their hair. (That's where that maniac had been healed down there; great things had took place.)

Coming up the road just as happy as I could be, all of a sudden it struck me; a year later 'fore I entered the field again, just killed me.

Since a little boy, I always said I didn't know what a vision was. A little boy, I always said, "If I--if I'd only fall in one of those trance, and see that I'd get well." That time... I always wanted to go to Mayo's to find out what was wrong. The doctors there...

My stomach gets sour; and oh, my. Brother Jack's helped me around the house. I walk right around the house; and just a hot greasy water like, flying out of my mouth. And walk to the pulpit, and pray for people that was twice that bad, and be healed. I've had them lay my hands on a man with a cancer on his face, and the cancer left his face, standing there; and I was so sick I couldn't stand up.

And you don't know what I've suffered; just mental oppression. Every seven years it's come, all my life. That's where I'm at now, seven eights.

So I was--I was so distressed; I cried, I begged, I pleaded. And I remember when I finally thought I had enough money to go to Mayo's for an examination; they said, "They'll find what your trouble is." Wife and I, and Becky back there... Sarah was a little, bitty fellow. I had just entered my healing ministry. And we took off to Mayo's.

I went through the clinic. And the night before I'd find--had my finals the next morning, I just woke up and was setting there on the bed looking around. And I looked out in front of me, and there was a little boy, looked just like me, about seven years old; and looked at it, and it was me. And he was standing by an old snag tree. And on that tree...

147 Any of you squirrel hunters know you can rub a stick up and down on a tree like that, and it'll scare a squirrel and run him out if he's in the hollow.

And I was seeing there where that squirrel had been, and I thought, "What kind of squirrel is that?" and I rubbed it. And when I did, I looked over and it was me then about thirty-eight years old, the little boy was gone. So I rubbed that limb, and out of the hollow log, pole, come a little squirrel about that long, dark, almost black, and looked like little currents flying from him; little bitty beady eyes, the wickedest looking thing that I ever seen, looked like a weasel more than a squirrel.

And he looked right at me. And I opened my mouth to say, "Well..." And when I did, he... Before you could've batted your eye, he flew right into my mouth, went down into my stomach, and just tearing me to pieces. And as I come out of the vision, with my hands up, looking, I went a-screaming, "O God, have mercy. It's killing me."

I heard a Voice way down in the room, say, "Remember, it's only six inches long."

How many's heard that story? I've told you that many times, the people around the Tabernacle.

Well, on and on it went, suffering just the same.

Mayo Brothers, the next day, examined me. Said, "Your father was an Irishman; he drank. Your mother being a half Indian, that makes you almost a half-breed. So you'd be... You're--you're--you're just such a nervous wreck until you'll never be out of it." Said, "Otherwise, you're healthy. But that, that's something in the soul that man cannot control." Said, "You will..." Said, "When a man dies, can't hold a autopsy, 'cause his soul's gone." He said, "Well, you'll never get over it."

And that guy said, my old doctor, said, "My father had it; he died at about eighty-five, ninety years old," somewhere along there, he said. And said, "A month or two before he died, I examined him; had it all of his life, he'd get them" said, "spells."

"Some people," said, "they get it; they're high tempered"; said, "that's the kind that'll kill you." He said, "The other kind, like women in menopause, they cry. You got the kind that's kind of a weary feeling." Said, "The old-timers used to call it 'had the blues'; it wouldn't leave them." Said, "When that hits you, your stomach sours; you're just upset."

I said, "But, sir, I don't do nothing." I said, "I'm happy."

Said, "That's right. That's just out of the human grab bag." Said, "You'll always have it." Oh, what a discouraging thing.

But the words, to think it, "Remember, it's only six inches long," that's hung with me, as my dear wife back there can tell you. Year after year, I've thought of that.

And then, going overseas this last time, I was... Before... Well, I was back home, and I was on a squirrel-hunting trip. I jumped out of the car with Brother Banks Wood, who's listening in tonight, and I started to run up the hill, and looked like my heart would jump out of me.

And I asked Dr. Sam Adair; I said, "What does that?"

He said, "Next time you have it, get a cardiogram."

Said, "All right."

So it happened again in the next year, and went and took the cardiogram. He said, "Nothing wrong with your heart," said, "you're just nervous." Started coming on then...

164 Well, another doctor said to me, a good friend of mine, said, "That's your heart, boy," said, "you better be careful." That's the year I called Brother Moore and he got somebody to preach in my stead, when I went on that ram hunt with Brother Fred. I'd go up over mountains just like I did when I was sixteen years old, mile after mile, running; never bothered me a bit. See?

I come back and told Sam. He said, "Well, there's something wrong; you'd better be careful."

Then I saw a vision of an old doctor standing with those--old fashion doctor with stethoscopes over his arm. He said... He was standing in front of me one day; he said, "Don't let them tell you that's your heart; that's your stomach."

So I--I thought, "Well, I'll just take that word, 'cause it was a vision. Come on."

I started to Africa; to get some shots, and I had to take a bunch of shots before going to Africa; that's the law. So when I was getting these shots, he said, "Why, I can't find one thing wrong with you." Said, "Your hemoglobin, your blood's ninety-six, it's ninety-six." Said, "If you was sixteen years old, it wouldn't be any worse--wouldn't be any better." And said, "Heart enough to beat you a hundred years. Lungs, everything," said, "you're all right; no sugar, nothing."

I said, "Thank you." So I got a physical test, and--and to take my--my health certificate to the board.

So he said, "You know anything about it?"

I said, "Nothing but persistent souring in the stomach all the time."

He said, "Well, I'll tell you." He said...

I said, "Oh, I've been examined. I've been to Mayo Brothers, and everywhere."

He said, "But wait a minute." He said, "Sometimes a ulcer is so little till that barium meal won't show it; and sometimes it's too big to show it, because an X-ray is only a shadow. And a little bitty ulcer, you can't see it, it won't enough stick. Whole lot of little bitty ulcers could do that." He said, "I know an old doctor up here that's found an instrument; they got it now; they can put you to sleep with a little sodium pentothal, put a tube in your throat, and they just actually look down in your stomach and see what's wrong." Said, "He..." Said, "He's your type of people; he's a Christian." Said, "Why don't you go see him."

175 I took his name: Dr. Van Ravensworth. So when I come back, I went up to see the old doctor. Oh, he's a fine old man from Dutch East Indies, out of a big line of missionaries. And he had heard of me and read my book, and oh, he just shook my hand; he said, "Brother Branham, I'd be glad to do that for you." He said, "Tell you what to do; next week you run over at the hospital over here," and said, "and call me up before you go." And said, "I have to give you a little shot of pentothal." And said, "Then when I do," said, "it puts you to sleep for five minutes."

My little girl had just took it to have a tooth pulled, and Brother Norman's little girl. "A five minute sleep," I thought, "that won't bother me." So I thought I'd be satisfied then to look at it.

And then the next morning, I raised up in the bed and looked around; I looked over in the twin bed; my wife over there, she hadn't woke up yet. And I was looking out the window towards the great Catalina Mountains there where I live, and I looked up there where the Angel of the Lord put that Sword in my hand, where the seven Angels that you see in the picture appeared, great things taken place.

And I looked, and as I looked, there I was standing by that tree again, right where that squirrel was. I looked up there; I thought, "That's that squirrel's den." And I thought, "Wonder if he's still up there?" (in the vision). I raked the side of the tree, out he come. And before I could even bat my eye (He was the oddest looking squirrel I ever seen; now, you'll have to know my ministry to know these symbols and things.), he jumped at me but he missed me; He missed my mouth, hit on my chest and fell off.And as soon as he did, I heard Something said, "Go to the Catalina Mountains."

So I turned around; I said, "Meda, are you awake, honey?" And I woke her up.

She said, "What's the matter?" About five o'clock in the morning...

I said, "I was looking out here, and I saw that squirrel again, Honey."

"What squirrel?"

I said, "The one I seen up there at Mayo's." I said, "You know what? He missed my mouth this time; he never hit me; he went out on my chest." I said, "Praise be to God. I've looked, oh, since a little boy, I have longed to see that happen. If I could ever see that happen, not even... Before I knowed what a vision was, if I could ever see that happen, then I said, 'I'd be all right. Whatever that told me, that's what I'd be.' And for forty years I've looked for that, and there it happened."

Before, when I was at Mayo's, the same time I was up there when they give me that message, and I saw the vision...

186 My old mother that's gone on to glory now, very odd woman, she had about three or four dreams in her life, and they were always true. She'd tell me, and the... She'd start to tell me, I'd tell... I'd say, "Stop right... Mama, I'll tell you what the rest of it is." See?

'Cause always when you give me a dream to interpret, you don't always tell me just exactly what it is. Then when I see it over again, I see exactly what you dreamed about, then He tells me what it is. See? You don't have to tell me what the dream is, He shows me the dream Himself. See? And then I see, I say, "Well, you didn't tell me this and tell me that." See? And so the God that can interpret a dream, can show a dream; He can show one; He can interpret it. And so then...

Well, wasn't there something like that in the Bible, said, "If you can..." I--I... Just happened to come to me. Daniel, wasn't it? Or, no, Joseph--Joseph. Well, it's somewhere in the Bible. I just remembered that, said, "If you can show me... If you can tell me what a..." Oh, it's King Nebuchadnezzar; that's right. Said, "If you can... If you can't..."

The magicians said, "Tell me the dream."

He said, "It's gone from me." That's right. That, I remember that; just thought of it then.

Now, notice. And mama, she said, "Billy," when I come back, she said, "come here, son, and set down." She said, "I had a strange dream. I dreamed that I seen you laying sick, just about to die with your stomach as usual." How many diets has she cooked me. And she said, "You were building a house upon a hill." And said, "I seen six white doves come down from heaven, cooing, in a letter 'S' and they set upon your chest. And you was looking, and the one in front was trying to tell you something." Said, "They was real glossy, white doves. And they took their little heads and put against your cheek, and going, 'coo, coo, coo,'" And said, "I couldn't understand it." Said, "They just kept going, 'coo, coo, coo.'"

I said, "Oh, I see it, praise the Lord." And said, "They formed their letter 'S' again and went back up into the skies, going 'coo, coo, coo, coo,' going back home."

Well, the little animal that I saw was six inches long. The string of doves that Mom saw was six; six is incomplete. I knew that someday I'd see that seventh one. That was man, suffering; so on and on it went.

That morning, I got up after seeing this vision; obeyed the Lord. I took my little boy Joseph to school (He's listening to me now in Tucson). I took him to school, and told Meda I didn't know when I'd be back.

And I took off up into Catalina, up into the--the foothills, and--and went up into the place where the Angel of the Lord put the Sword in my hand. Real early; and started climbing up the mountain.

Well, instead of going up in the peaks this a-way (which there's a lot snakes, scorpions, you know how Arizona is), I turned to my right; Something said, "Turn to your right." I went way into the peaks; I went around, and I was going around those great huge rocks, many times bigger than this tabernacle, laying up in them tops there where seldom ever a person could get.

And along about eleven o'clock, I was going into a little cove, back where some--a little place turned in like this over a little deer trail. And I had my shirt off, my hat in my hand, because I was just lathering with sweat. And so I turned in there, and as I turned into that little cove, I felt the Presence of the Lord. I jerked off my hat and looked around. I thought, "He's here somewhere. I know He's here." I thought, "What is it?" I made a few more steps. I said, "Lord, You're here somewhere."

And I looked laying on the path, and there laid that little squirrel; had jumped at something and missed it, and it hit a bunch of cholla (That's jumping cactus). It rammed through his head, chest, stomach, and he was dead. That odd-looking little squirrel, he had missed my mouth and hit that cholla. And the Voice of the Lord said, "Your enemy is dead." I stood there, and I trembled. I took my foot and ma...

Usually crows would've eat it up. I killed a snake, couple days later than that, it laid on the road about a half hour. There's always eagles and crows flying through there, and they'll pick it up right now. I killed a coral snake; that's the most dangerous snake we got; laying right beside of me, a few days after that. I started to come back to pick it up to show it, the crows had done got it, ravens passing over.

And that had been laying there ever since I'd seen the vision, two days before; I believe it was on Saturday, and I went up there on Monday. So there he was, laying on there dead. I mashed through it with my foot.

201 I went back around, set down again; set there and cried awhile, and prayed; looking down over Tucson, miles below me. Turned back around and come back, it still laid there. When I entered that cove the Spirit of God come on me again. I went on around, went down the mountain, went in and told my wife; I said, "Honey, I don't know how, but I'm going to get over this."

Dr. Ravensworth, when he give me the examination, he said, "It's totally impossible for you to be well." He give me a shot of pentothal that was to last me for five minutes, and I slept ten hours. So that stuff, even an aspirin just knocks me out. So they... He give me a shot, put that tube down my throat. When I come to, and he told me the next morning; he said, "Reverend, I hate to tell you this"; but said, "your stomach walls are even so hard, they're dried up." (I never seen it; he used the name of gastritis, and I went and looked in the dictionary and it said, "something that's withered away"). And said, "You can't get over it." He said, "You'll always have it." And I would've been a discouraged boy if it hadn't been for the vision of the Lord.

And the next day Something said, "Go back to the mountain."

And that day instead of going one way, I was led to go another way. And I was standing there; and looking, setting in the front of me, and there set that seventh little, white dove, looking right at me. I rubbed my eyes; I said, "Surely, it's a vision; surely, it is." I looked, and I said, "Little dove, where do you come from?" Just as pretty and white, could've been a pigeon, whatever it was, a-way in that wilderness.

God Almighty, Who raised up Jesus Christ from the dead, Whose servant I am, and His Word laying here open before me, know that I tell the truth and lie not.

There set the dove, setting there looking at me. I walked around; I thought, "Surely, it's a vision." I turned my head; I looked back, and there he set there, them little, white wings, just as snowy as he could be, his little, yellow feet; and little, yellow beak; setting there looking at me. He was watching right straight westward. I walked around him like that; I wouldn't touch him for nothing. I walked on up the trail; looked back, and there he still set watching me.

Brother, as a son of Abraham, I consider not what the doctor told me; I'm going to be well anyhow.

The third day I went back; I was climbing up high. And many of you know the vision about the Indian chief riding that little wall to the west. Something attracted me off to a big rock, about noon time, said, "Lay your hands against that and pray." God in heaven knows this is true.

I laid my hands against the rock and looked up towards heaven and started praying, and I heard a Voice coming out of the top of the rocks there, said, "What are you leaning against, over your heart?" And I raised back like this, my bare shoulders; naked from my waist up, hot. I looked back. And there was wrote in the quartz, in the stone, white, "Eagle" just exactly what the vision said that the next Message would come forth by.

I was so excited I run home, got a camera, and come back the next day, and took the picture of it. It was still there, wrote in the rock, white, "Eagle" (Dove leading eagle).

213 Somehow, I--I know. I'll tell you before it happens. The doctor's a good doc--good doctor, no doubt; I--I think he's a fine man. But I--I know I'm going to be over it. It's done. It's finished, and I'm going to be well.

And I was thinking as Ernie sang that song a few moments ago, "On the Wings of a Dove." How is the melody to that? Start it for me, Ernie.


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