The capstone [ 1962 1965 ] 1962 22. Ministry hones for Headstone, rapture

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40. First started, I began to learn. [Visions]

93 Now, I'm like Brother Herholzer here, we're--we're old men, and we've been in the--this a long time, and we've seen the pros and cons, and--and everything. And praying for the sick, around the world, and seeing the--the disappointments of people, and seeing the--the "Hallelujahs" from every side. Then, all this we learn by. Now, when as boys, when we started preaching this, Brother Herholzer, like we started to swim. The first thing, you know, it used to be that I'd get out, and I would... As Brother Jack, I've had Brother Brown to walk me on the street, night after night, to try to get myself around to myself. I'd stand there like a little kid, splashing the water, seeing visions, you know. And I'd just stay there till Brother Brown...

I remember one night; I never will forget it, up in San Jose or somewhere. He come to wake me up; I hadn't slept for several days, and I didn't know I was talking to the man, but said that I told him, started crying, said, "I'm going home." See?

"Why," he said, "you can't go home." There's a meeting going on down there.

I said, "Well, I'll be ready in a few minutes to go home. See, just beyond, beside myself almost. See, I was a boy then.

Like you're learning to swim, you know, you splash the water and go across the pool, and "huhhh, huhhh, huhhh, I made 'er!" Now, after you learn to swim, more graceful is the stroke, and it don't wear you out so much. See, that's it; you learn how to do it; and cut every corner and make it better, and that's more of a ease. See?

A little boy that never walked, would try to walk down this aisle here, he'd fall down a dozen times and be wore out 'fore he got there. But anyone who knows how to walk, an athlete, would walk right down that aisle and never even notice doing it. Well, he had that to start with; that's what he is now.

99 Well, that's the same way with preaching Divine healing or anything else. As you go along, you begin to learn. If you don't learn, there's something wrong. See? You've got to learn, and you've got to learn how to accept God and what it really means.

We allow it, sometimes say, "Well, this guy didn't have enough faith; this guy didn't do this and this. There's a reason there for that; there's a reason. Sometime it's unconfessed sin. You could pour a gallon of oil on a person, and scream till you got hoarse; it would never move that devil. No, sir. You've got to confess that. That's what discernment does, say, "Go make that right; bring that out."

But it's so slow doing that. You see?

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