The capstone [ 1962 1965 ] 1962 22. Ministry hones for Headstone, rapture

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29. Ministries can’t mix.

142 Now, in this, He... You can't mix two or three different ministries together, pastor and evangelize the same time. You can't be a--a prophet and maybe a pastor at the same time (See?), 'cause you have different works, different ministry.

30. You’re not feeding on a man; but the Son of Man, Christ.

E-22 We find in Ezekiel the 2nd chapter and the 1st verse (I believe it is), that Jehovah Himself called Ezekiel, "son of man." And other prophets were referred to as "son of man." So to make the Scriptures perfect, He had to come a prophet: Son of man.

And now we find that through the church ages, He has been "Son of God." Like God the Spirit, He's in the Holy Spirit; Son of God to the churches. The Laodicea age, He's put out. Then, according to Luke, there He's to reveal Himself again as "Son of man." When the Son of man is revealed (See?), revealing Himself as Son of man again, not Son of God. Son of God was the Holy Spirit, and they grieved It from the Church, put It out, put the Holy Spirit out of their organizations, denominations. And there He is on the outside of the church in Revelations 3, the Laodicea age. Son of God has been put out, and now reveals Hisself back, "Son of man."

261 Revelations 10 said, "In the days of the sounding of the seventh angel..." Now, remember, seventh, Laodicea Church Age, the sounding of that angel, when that church age is done denominated, and become a church age, when it's done in it's Pentecostal organization, when the messenger to that... What was each messenger? What was Martin Luther? A rebuke to the Catholic. What was Wesley? A rebuke to them Lutherans. What was the Pentecostal? Rebuke to them others. Where's the Life gone now? Away from an organization. No more shuck, it's Grain. What is it? A rebuke to the Pentecost (See?) to fulfill the Scripture of this hour. See?

Notice the very day when this messenger, not when he starts on the, but when he begins to declare his Message. See? The First Pull, healing; Second Pull, prophesying; Third Pull, the opening of the Word, the mysteries revealed. No more... There's no more higher order to reveal the Word than prophets. But the only way the prophet can be a-vindicated is by the Word. And remember the Third Pull was the opening of them Seven Seals to reveal the hidden Truth that's been sealed in the Word. Do you see it? It is then, in that day when this thing is to take place that Jannes and Jambres, the impersonators, will appear again, just like they did when Moses appeared with the original Word to say it; they appear to impersonate it. Just exactly right. Now, you see what Matthew 24:24 is? See? Anointed ones.

Now, there's three things we're going to say before we close. This is it. I want you to listen real close now as we close. Three things, remember, three things have been fulfilled. Three things lays before you right now.

First: The world is in a Sodom condition. Jesus said it would happen. Look at the perversion: Our women trying to act like men, our men trying to act like women: sissified, rotten, filthy, lowdown, devil possessed and don't know it. The Bible said that would happen, and that's where it's at.

Secondly: It's in that hour according to the Scripture here that Jannes and Jambres appears. Secondly...

Thirdly: It's at that same hour that the Son of man is to be revealed.

267 There is your believer, your make-believer, and your unbeliever. There is a genuine Word standing out, vindicated; there is the make-believer impersonating It; and there is the unbeliever rejecting the whole thing.


269 Now, I want you to know this is sure. And you that listen to this tape, you might have thought today that I was trying to say that about myself, being that I was packing this Message. I have no more to do with it than nothing, no more than just a voice. And my voice, even against my better judgment... I wanted to be a trapper. But it's the will of my Father that I declare to do, and determined to do. I wasn't the One that appeared down on the river; I was only standing there when He appeared. I'm not the One that performs these things and foretells these things that happens as perfect as they are; I'm only one that's near when He does it. I was only a voice that He used to say it. It wasn't what I knew; it's what I just surrendered myself to, that He spoke through. It isn't me. It wasn't the seventh angel, oh, no; it was a manifestation of the Son of man. It wasn't the angel, his Message; it was the mystery that God unfolded. It's not a man; it's God. The angel was not the Son of man; he was a messenger from the Son of man. The Son of man is Christ. He's the One that you're feeding on. You're not feeding on a man. A man, his words will fail, but you're feeding on the unfailing Body-Word of the Son of man.

If you haven't fed fully on every Word to give yourself strength to fly above all these denominations and things of the world, will you at this time do it, while we pray?

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