The capstone [ 1962 1965 ] 1962 22. Ministry hones for Headstone, rapture

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18. African trip. [May-1965]

E-1 This is one of the highest moments of my life. I have waited fifteen years for this time. My heart has longed to see you again, ever since I left you. I have prayed very much to get to come back.

And a few weeks ago, I was under great anticipations, believing that I would get to come and have a meeting. But when I got the visa, "restricted," I almost had a heart attack. Ha. I wanted to come so bad. But I do believe that through God I will minister again in the Name of the Lord Jesus among the people of Africa. God has promised to give us the desire of our heart. And that's one of the desires of my heart.

I can remember the great meetings here in Johannesburg.

I remember the boy with the short leg coming long again, normal.

And the lady that--the little girl was healed from a back condition and her mother fainted and fell back in the--the cot. [The translator says, "That's my wife's cousin"--Ed.] Your wife...? Oh my!

There's so many great things. No doubt, there is many of those people attended those meetings are with the Lord now. I have gotten old too since then. It won't be too long till my time to go up. Then we will be together forever. No visas. Ha Ha. I--I would feel like bringing the Message. Ha Ha. But it is written in the Scripture, "Give unto Caesar the things that are Caesar's, and to God, the things that are God's." I am expecting to meet you here in a few moments, shake your hand, and have fellowship again together. I appreciate all these fine man. I wish I had all my brethren in Africa here today of all the denominations. That we could just get together and talk all evening. And I would like to hear what the Lord's been doing over here for you. And I would like to tell you what He's doing for us across the sea. Maybe he will permit that some day. Until that day, I will be praying for you. Will you be praying for me? God bless you.

7 I'd planned on, so hard, coming back, burdened in the heart. I just returned from Africa, as you all know. And when I got over there, I had a restricted visa, and wouldn't let me, wouldn't let me preach, because it gathers too many together. And they're expecting an uprise there at any time, and--and they--they wouldn't let me preach because of that gathering too many people together. The only way I could, would to have some organization that's represented by the government, in the government, to invite me over, then that would automatically let the government send out a militia for protection. See, they're just... There's just going to be an uprise, and that's all there is to it. It's just right in hand. See? That government man said, "The last time you was here, you had about a quarter of a million people together." And he said, "Then, you see, that'd just be the very thing that communism is looking for, for an uprise." So I couldn't preach.

Those people standing there, waving their hands, and crying, "Remember my mother. Remember, my brother died... My..." There, and in behind a bar, you know, bars of wire, and it just made you feel real bad. And I come back home.

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