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13. Marriage and Divorce taught. [February 21, 1965]

54 ... precious stones... pearls, having a golden cup in her hand full of the abomination of the filthiness of her fornications…(her doctrines, what she was giving out),.. kings of the earth drinking it.

Anybody could believe that could believe Brother Jagger's vitamin pills, that you can sprinkle water on a woman that's been married to a man for thirty years and had a bunch of children, and turn her back to a virgin and send her to her bridal bed that night with her husband. Anybody could believe that holy water will do that, can believe anything. That's right. But the kings of the earth commit such things as that. It's so they can live and have a peaceful feeling. Down in your heart you know you're rotten. Take the Blood of Jesus Christ to cleanse you.

65 Now, we find out that the forecast foretells future events before they happen. Strange as it seems, that almighty God foretold and took the welfare of the Baby, Jesus, and revealed it by a dream, what to do. Now, that God in this secondarily way, to His own Son, revealed it to Joseph by a dream. The Bible said He did. Yes, sir. Now, Joseph was a good man; he was the son of David, and he was espoused to Mary.

I'd like to pass this on before we go further. Espousing in the east was the same as marriage: is betrothal. As soon as they--as they were espoused, they were married. When that sacred vow between them was taken, read Deuteronomy 22:23, and you'll find out that when this woman and man agreed to be married (yet they did not take the vows for months later), if they even broke that vow, they were guilty of adultery. That's right. When they was espoused, they were just the same as marriage. The law had not give them rights to live together as husband and wife yet, but before God, when they promised one another, their words were sealed in God's Kingdom. And to break that was just committing adultery. And now, Joseph was espoused to Mary. If minister brothers, if you'd study that right good, it'd clear you up on this marriage and divorce case that's so--so hard and different amongst the people today. Now, notice Joseph, her husband, being a just man... See? Now, we find out that this could not be broken.

4-5 So maybe before we leave--we got to go back now, in about thirty days, you know, back to Arizona. And so if... Before I leave, the Lord willing, I would like to take this Scripture, and don't tape it. If you do, don't sell the tape--don't let it get out. I want to explain the real truth of marriage and divorce. It's a question and this is the last hours, that when all the mysteries of God should be finished.

And yesterday, coming up across the mountains about daylight, the Holy Spirit seemed to say to me, "Tape that and lay it away."

I don't know why; but the real truth of marriage and divorce... Some of them says, "People can marry if they can swear they was in adultery," and others says, "Well, if they mistreat one another and--and they can't live together, it's better to live on earth in peace, than live in hell on earth," and all those different questions, and some marry them just any old way. And some wants to sprinkle holy water on them, turn them back and say they never was married, and bless them, and turn them over to the church again. There's all kinds of confusion. But if there's that much confusion, there's a truth somewhere.

I believe, and say this with reverence: I believe the Lord has revealed it to me, and I--the truth. And if it would get amongst the churches, it'd tear the thing to pieces, which maybe it ought to be. But it's... I'd rather just let the pastors, just let the pastors of the churches get the tape, then let them play it and then they can lead from there on. But I'd like to just tape that to show the real truth of it.

I believe this is the hour when these mysteries are to be finished, completed. They've been struck on as we've said down through the ages of the tapes as we brought, those Seven Seals and Seven Church Ages, and we're now facing the time for the Seven Trumpets and then the Vials. And maybe we could put a two weeks meeting and put both of them together.

I'd like to get it taped. And then besides that I'm trying now to get it proofread and make books out of it of a Church Ages, seven books of the Church Ages, seven tapes, and make it in such we can get it done just as cheap as we possibly can, so everybody can get it.

5-5 Then if the Lord tarries, and I move on, you'll see that the things that I've said in the Name of the Lord will be--come to pass just as it was said. Never has failed yet, and some of it has to happen later.

And I--I trust that the Lord will let us do that right away. We'll notify the people, a time, because there's many likes to come and hear those things, and I--and I appreciate that.

If nobody believed it or listened to it, what good would it do me to stand here and say anything about it? See? It'd be like casting bread upon the waters (See?); it'd be like... If no one was going to believe it, then it'd be like casting pearls before swine. But there's thousands times thousands that believe that (See?), and they hold onto every word; and we'd like to get as many in as possible when we--when we get ready to have these services and for the glory of the Lord. And we trust that God will give it to us, and I don't want to have that, until I'm Divinely inspired to do it.

God has a time for everything. See? You mustn't go ahead of it. If you cut your wheat before--you put the combine in there before it's ripe, you'll lose the bigger part of your wheat. See? So when the sickle's ready to be thrust in, God will thrust it in. Then we'll go to reaping.

But I just--when I feel pressed like that, I thought I'd shake out of it in a little while. All day yesterday, I couldn't get it off my mind; all night last night. Went to bed around twelve o'clock, had about three hours sleep the night before, and last night I couldn't sleep, still. Something said, "Tape that marriage and divorce." See?

The Lord willing, if that keeps on my heart and the Lord shows me some more about it, well then, I'll--I--I may tape that. See?

But remember, only for ministers. You come, but--and listen, but the tape itself, let... See, 'cause it gets out amongst the congregations, and some's this way and some that way, and they draw their own opinion. And I want minister brothers to have this in their own study, and then let them go from there, 'cause they're the ones that's responsible; they're the ones.

6-4 Might go down and play it to the judge, some of these squires, and see what the Lord said about this marriage and divorce. It's more sacred than people think it is. And it'll blend right in with the serpents seed, just the same thing, just moving right on; that's them mysteries.

You remember, in the days of the seventh angel, all the mysteries of God should be finished, those unknown things that the Lord would wind up.

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