The capstone [ 1962 1965 ] 1962 22. Ministry hones for Headstone, rapture

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10. Pollution in the church. [Balaam, permissive will, Doctrine] [Watch morals among your women.]

167 Balaam had a gift of faith and could've used it to the perfect original Word of God. Many men on the field today with gifts of healing could do the same thing. Many men out here, people speaking in tongues, people prophesying, a gift--could use it for the Kingdom of God, but they don't do it; they take... And God blesses them anyhow, gets the permissive will. But for popularity, and pleasures, personal gain, sold their birthrights as Esau did (See?), sold out to a organization, sold out like Balaam did. See? And so many are doing today the same thing. We know that's right. They sell out their birthright. Women professing the Holy Ghost, wearing shorts, men permitting them in the pulpit, bobbed-haired women in the pulpit, paint on their face, with religious gowns on, it's the biggest stumbling block the church has ever had.

If you want to know in political powers what time it is in the Kingdom age, see where the Jews are. Watch how the Jews are, because they are a nation. If you want to know where the nations are standing, watch the Jews. If you want to know where the church is standing, watch the women. Watch the morals among the women, 'cause she's a representation of the church. When you see the pollution amongst the women, you find a pollution in the church. What she become a painted-up Jezebel, just exactly what the church has become. See? Now, that's the truth and you know that. See? If you want to know where the church is, watch the morals among your women, 'cause she is--the church is a woman. If you want to know of the national status, watch the Jews.

Notice, as God said to Balaam, after he had heard the true cut decision Word, "Don't go"... Yes, then He told him after He seen it in his heart, what it was to do, He give him His permissive will, so He said, "Go."

And you can do the same thing. If you don't want to walk in the truth... You can go to have--have to have a great ministry. Certainly you can. But you're taking His permissive will; you're walking over His Word. He'll prosper you (certainly); the--just like He did Balaam. He was a success, but he couldn't curse that people. He couldn't do it, 'cause every time he started to curse, he blessed. See, he couldn't do it. But when he come to being prosperous in his achievement, he taught those people, through Balak, to commit adultery. He brought in the camp of Israel and married them off. He said, "Why, we're all one. Why, you worship the same God. We got a prophet up here; you got a prophet down there. And we have the same sacrifice, the same Jehovah as our fathers. Now, why not you all just come and associate with us." The Bible said, "Don't join yourself up amongst unbelievers. Don't yoke up with them at all." If they don't believe it, stay away from them. See? "Come out, be separate," saith the Lord, "and I'll receive you. (See?) Touch not their unclean things." That's right. Their filth against the Word and things like that, stay away from it; don't listen to it.

And here we find out that Balaam went down there and he begin to teach the people, and he had an error. And he--he run in the way of Balaam, how that he did, and taught Balak, and the children of Israel committed adultery, and a plague struck the nation of Israel, the people, and thousands of them died in one day. And while they were all there before the altar of God praying, here come an Israelite man with a Midianite woman, a denominational woman, and went into the tent. And the priest's son walked over there and took a javelin and killed them both. And that stayed God's wrath. You know that's the Scripture. Is that right? See?

172 But what happened? Balaam. He succeeded in weakening Israel. What did he do? He weakened their camp. God let him go and weaken their camp, and it polluted the whole camp. And when some doctrine starts that's not the Bible truth, it pollutes the whole camp. Somebody raise up with a different idea, like Korah, and say, "Well, this, that, and the other. And I got a different idea," it pollutes the whole camp. And that's what's done the whole church camp today. That's right.

Teaching, as he did, weakening the whole camp for Kadesh Barnea, the Word showdown... When they got to Kadesh Barnea, then in the weakening of the camp, they come back, said... Went right... After... Remember, they'd eat Angels' food; they had the Word of God every night made manifest, and they eat the food. They drink from the rock. They did all--seen the miracles; they watched Moses and seen his word, seen his prophesies, everything. And then finally when they listened to this false teacher come in among them and teach wrong, he weakened the camp, and prospered by it. He might've built a million dollar buildings; he might've had great denominations; he might've added thousands times thousands, and done great works, and mighty works, and was a prophet. That's all right, but as long as it's not with the Word of God, you'd better stay away from it. God don't change His mind. Stay right with His Word, 'cause that's what's going to come out in the end: the Word, word by word. "Whosoever shall take one word away from It or add one word to It..." It's got to stay that Word.

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