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This Day This Scripture Is Fulfilled

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7. This Day This Scripture Is Fulfilled. [Preached January 25, 1965]

4-3 And on this Scripture, what caused me to fall my eyes upon this was of something that happened just recently in Phoenix, Arizona. It was the last day of the service that I was to speak at the international convention of the Full Gospel Business Men, and in this convention there was a visitor with us which was a Catholic bishop, which is, he's of the Chaldean Rites of the Apostolic Catholic church, the Most Reverend John S. Stanley, O. S. D. He is the Archbishop of Metropolitan United States in the Catholic church. This happened to be his card and his--and his address.

And he was a visitor with the Christian Business Men, and I had seen him there the day before. And when I was speaking on Saturday night, I believe it was, or Saturday morning at the breakfast, and I--as I was speaking he kept watching me. I thought "That man certainly is disagreeing with everything I say." And, you know, you could--you could just see him; he'd keep his head up and down, but I didn't know what was just exactly working on him.

So on Sunday afternoon when I got up to speak, I was going to take my text on "Birth Pains," where Jesus said that as a woman in travail with a child, she's travailing in birth. And so I was going to speak from there as "Birth Pains" (the subject), saying that the world is in birth pains now. The old has to be done away with so the new can be born; just like a--a seed has to rot away in order to give new life. And how the pains, birth pains, struck the world in World War I. She had a terrific pain, because they had poison gas and so forth that almost could destroy the world. And in World War II she struck another harder pain; they had blockbusters and also an atomic bomb. She cannot stand another labor pain. With these missiles and things today, one more war will throw her out into space, for she will now be delivered, and there'll be a new earth. The Bible said there will be.

Under every prophet's message Israel got a birth pain, because that these prophets would come on the scene after the theologians and clergymen would have the church all in a organization form. And when them prophets come on the scene with THUS SAITH THE LORD, they shook them churches and she had a birth pain. Finally she had birth pains plumb on up until she delivered a Son of the Gospel which was the Word Itself made flesh.

So the church really is in birth pains tonight again for the deliverance of the Son--Son of God to come again. All of our theologians, all of our systems, all of our denominations has rotted right out from under us. So we are in birth pains. And a Message from God always throws the church in heavier pains. But after while she's going to be delivered of a bride that'll bring forth Jesus Christ to His Bride.

And then, thinking this man had disagreed with me so much, when I raised up to speak this message, I turned in my Bible to find the page, and my wife had just given me a new Bible for Christmas. My old Bible was about fifteen years old, and the thing was just about tore to pieces. The pages, every time I'd open it up, would fly out of it and--but I knowed just where to find every Scripture. So I'd studied close in that Bible, and I'd just picked up the new one because the other one looked so ragged to go to church with.

And when I started to turn over in St. John where the Scripture was found, I started to read the 16th chapter, and the verse that I was looking for wasn't there. So I thought, "Strange." I turned back again; still it wasn't there. And Brother Jack Moore from Shreveport, Louisiana, a bosom friend of mine, he was setting there. I said, "Brother Jack, isn't that found in St. John 16?"

He said, "Yes."

And this Catholic priest got up out of his seat, from about a hundred clergymen setting on the platform, walked over close to me, with all of his robes and gowns and crosses and so forth, and got right up close to me; and he said, "My son, be steady. God is fixing to move."

And I thought, "A Catholic bishop telling me that."

He said, "Read it out of my Book."

And I read the Scripture out of his Book, and took my text and went on, preached my sermon.

Afterwards, when I got through, he got up after I was gone and said, "There's one thing that has to happen. After that, the church has to get out of the mess that it's in, or we have to get out of the mess the church is in." So one or the other.

And I was on my road home (back down to Tucson) that evening, and the kids was crying for a sandwich, and I stopped to get a sandwich at a little stand. And my wife said, "Bill, I never was so nervous in all my life to see you standing up there fumbling through that Bible." Said, "Didn't it make you nervous?"

I said, "Nope." I said, "I knowed it was in there somewhere; they just didn't have the page in. It's a misprint."

And she said, "To think that I got you that Bible. It looked like every eye in there was right upon me."

And I said, "Well, you couldn't help that. That was a misprint in the Bible." I said, "They just never put the page in."

Well, I got down and looked at it again. Just perfectly as it could be, but the 16th chapter, ends portion--the portion of it just about three inches from the bottom, over at the 17th chapter, on the other side does the same thing; and being a new Bible, those two pages had perfectly stuck together, and I was reading from the 17th chapter in the stead of the 16th.

"Well," I said, "that's all fine. It's for some cause."

6-5 And just as plain as you could hear any voice, a Voice come to me and said, "He entered into Nazareth to where He was brought up at and went into the synagogue as it was His custom. And the priest gave Him the Scriptures to read, and He read Isaiah 61. And when He had read the Scriptures, He set down, handed the priest back the Bible, the Book, and set down. And all the eyes of the congregation was upon Him, and precious words proceeded from His mouth and He said, 'This day this Scripture is fulfilled.'"

"This day this Scripture is fulfilled." How accurate is the Scripture. If you'll notice this, in Isaiah 61:1-2 is where our Lord was reading from: Isaiah 61:1-2. But in the middle of the second verse of Isaiah 61, He stopped where it said, "The Spirit of the Lord is upon Me to preach the acceptable year." Then He stopped. Why? The other part, to bring judgment, it didn't apply to His first coming, but His second coming. See, it didn't apply there; how the Scriptures never make a mistake. They're always perfect. Jesus stopped just where the Scripture stopped, 'cause that was exactly what was to be vindicated in His day.



17-1 How I could stop here and tell you what that old priest told me. He said, "Son, you never finished that message."

I said, "Keep still."

He said, "You mean them Pentecostals don't see that?"

I said, "No."

He said, "I see it." And a Catholic priest too. He said, "Why didn't you go on?"

I said, "Keep still."

He said, "Glory to God, I see it."

And about that time the Holy Ghost fell on his sister setting out there in the meeting, and she raised up speaking in unknown tongues and gave the interpretation of the very thing that the priest and I were talking about on the platform. The whole church, the whole place went into a roar. Carried on over into Oral Robert's convention last week, or week before last, and was the talk of the convention. How that that priest setting under... The Holy Spirit revealed out there through a woman (his sister, I believe it was) of what was taking place up there on the platform and revealed that thing that we were hiding.

The hour that we're living, this day this Scripture is fulfilled. This day the evening lights have come, and we fail to see it.

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