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Florence Shakarian’s: Brother Branham’s vision and prophecy of her dying

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5. Florence Shakarian’s: Brother Branham’s vision and prophecy of her dying. [Demos’ sister]

108 A lady asked me, coming down the road the other day from up here, she said... It's Florence Shakarian, Brother Demos's sister, Sister Williams and them, setting in the car. She said, "Brother Branham, I fast, and fast, and fast, and still I can't cast out devils."

I said, "You wasn't born to do such. Your duty is fast. The Holy Spirit's working on somebody else out there for that." You don't know the place.

If we had time we'd teach those things in long meetings, how if one person's burdened like this for something over here. You don't know... You don't... It's not for you to know. It's Him doing it. You're just submissive to your call. Always line it up with the Scriptures, see if it's right or not.


155 I come in the other night to the Christian Business Men's meeting, and--international; old "Pop" Shakarian, Demos' father, he used to set there and just keep looking till I come in; then he'd smile, and that little wave, he'd wave at me. He wasn't there; he's gone. Then I had to come to that family with THUS SAITH THE LORD, their daughter's going to die too: Florence. I saw her in a vision, saw her go. And I know she's going. And I said, "Pray, just pray. You know, there's a prophet one time was told to go tell a king to put his house in order. And he prayed, and He spared his life fifteen years longer." I said, "Pray, but...?..."


1 Thank you Brother. [Brother Williams speaks--Ed.] Thank--thank you Brother Williams. Good morning, friends. I... This--the Shakarian family, Brother Williams, and Sister Williams and many of them here know about it. I saw that in a vision, about two, three years before she got sick, and happened.

And last year when we were here, I believe it was in January, at the convention, it was the time that that priest (What's his name? I forget his name now.) was here. [Someone says, "Stanley."--Ed.] Stanley, Bishop Stanley, from the Catholic church. You remember when he brought me the Bible, you know, and he said to me.

It was several prophesying, "My daughter, you're healed."

And he knew that the vision had said that she would not get well. "She would die between two and three o'clock in the morning." Remember that? So at two or three o'clock...

And I couldn't tell Demos. And yet I told her stepmother, right over in the room, right across the place here. I said, "She isn't going to get well."

Mrs. Shakarian said, "Well, everybody is prophesying."

I said, "Course, I could be wrong, myself, but I said that she isn't going to get well."

I told many of them. About three years ago I saw her running for her life, and she went into a bed. And she raised her hands and screamed to me, like that. And I--I couldn't even reach her. And then I seen her die. And I looked; there was something, there was a clock, and it said it's something between two and three o'clock."

And so the bishop said, "Well, I'll just watch and see how that comes to pass." So it did come to pass.

We are certainly sorry. I feel the church has lost a great person in Sister Florence Shakarian. But she was a great singer; she was a Spirit-filled woman.

I was with her mother; her mother was one of the first contacts I had on the west coast, when her mother was healed. When the doctors... She was in--in a coma and all swollen up. And so the--the doctor that was there told me, said, "Now, be real quiet when you pray. Don't make much noise. The woman's dying."

And said, "Yes, sir."

And said... And just kept on telling me. And, why, I didn't even have a chance to open my mouth like.

So it was Brother Demos told me to go ahead and just go up the stairs.

So I went upstairs. And Florence was kneeling on the floor, then a beautiful little girl, and some more women. And went over and prayed for her, and told her. And she was unconscious and told her she'd get up again. And she did. A couple years later, she died. And now, God answers our prayers.

And we know that, we believe that we all has come here by the will of God, and we leave the same way. One by one, we'll each one cross that portal. And that's why we're here this morning, gathered together in this Christian Business Men's Fellowship, is to speak of these things and prepare for them, 'cause we know they're sure to come.

Now, Sister Florence is a young woman, forty-two years old, Brother Williams just told me, and very young. But before they--she knew that she had this disease, why, I saw a vision of her and told me her outcome. Then it would be. God knows all about it, and her seeing Jesus in the room before she left. We just don't want to pray for her, because we've done that so much. We just want to thank God for a life that was among us, that inspired us all, as Sister Shakarian.

And we want to pray for Brother Demos, Sister Rose. And remember, they've had an awful hard hit in their life in the last... It's his father, and his sister now in this the last years. The... Then you... Yes... [Somebody speaks to Brother Branham--Ed.] Less than, less... Ten months... And sister, Sister Edna also...

16 So I know how to sympathize with Brother Demos. I had a father, brother, wife, and baby, to go within a few days apart, so I--I know how he feels this morning. You only know when you stand in them shoes; that's when you know how to sympathize.

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