The capstone [ 1962 1965 ] 1962 22. Ministry hones for Headstone, rapture

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2. Bibles.

31 Now, I'm--I'm wore out one Bible, since I started in the healing campaigns, or praying for the sick, rather. At Houston, Texas, was given me a Bible years ago, some eighteen years ago, by Brother Kidson and his group. And I wore that Bible, back and forth, around the world, until it just completely wore out, pages come out of it.

I was just given a new Bible. And the strange thing... I am not superstitious; and I hope you people don't think me to be superstitious. When this Bible was given to me, they'd had a little--two little markers in it, little ribbons. It's a Bible like I had.

Brother Kidson gave me one was a Scofield Bible. Now, not because that I agree with Mr. Scofield in his notes... Now, probably some of you do, some of you don't, but I just let you know that I just don't take Scofield Bible because I believe that. Because he has got it so paragraphed off. That was one of my first Bibles, and I just learned to read it like that. And I just keep the same Bible. Which I--if I'd have had the Thompson Chain, it would been much better. I could've found my text much faster on a Thompson Chain Reference.

But when I opened the Bible, the first little ribbon in the Bible was a very strange thing, where it was. Was when Solomon dedicated the temple of God, and the glory of God was so great, the Shekinah Glory in the building, till the priests couldn't even minister.

And then the next string was laying where Ezra returned and dedicated the temple.

And the--the third little marker, that my wife had gotten me and put in the Bible, not knowing, with my name on it, and so forth, was laying to Mark 11:22. She just stuck it in the Bible, and that's where it was at. That's, "If you say to this mountain, 'Be moved'..." And all of you know when that Scripture was in my mind, you tape people, that's when those squirrels come right in, into the... That--that's exactly.

37 And then the strange thing of it was, my favorite bird, robin, picture was on the marker, the little bird with the red breast. As the legend goes, that one time he was a brown bird; but there was a Man dying one day on a cross, and he felt so sorry for the Man till he flew in to try to pull the nails out himself, and he got Blood all over his little chest, and since then he's been a red breast. That's the way I--I want to meet my Saviour too, with His Blood on my--inside my chest on my heart.

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