The capstone [ 1962 1965 ] 1962 22. Ministry hones for Headstone, rapture

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55. Malachi 4 and 7th angel of Revelation 10 is the same person.

1177-Q-422 It--is the seventh angel, as spoken of, of Revelations 10, the same person as Elijah of Malachi 4?

Did I answer that? That don't sound like I answered that. Yes, it's the same person. Revelations 10 is the seventh angel's Message, which--seventh angel messenger of the seventh church age, which is
Malachi 4.
56. Two systems and three classes of people.

91 Therefore, there is a system in the world: two systems, and one of them is the right system, and the other is a perverted system. And one of them is God's Word, which is right; and every man's word is a lie. And this denominational system we got today, forming a World Council of Churches to make a mark of the beast to emerge them together is the wrong thing. And men are blindly walking into it.

God's done put the thing on earth for them to be delivered by. But they think it's a bunch of fanaticism. They don't want it. They turn it off. They think they've got to do something about it. They got to make their own system. God's got the system already here: His Word. But we don't want That. So we find ourselves today, just like they was then.

Now, seeing that people are designed to be that way... Notice, you say... I know I take a lot of time, but I don't want to keep watching that 'cause it makes me nervous. See?

Politics: now we take like... Let's just take for instance, see if people's designed to be in three--three classes. Let's take politics. There's some that's red-hot for a man. And another group hates him. And another group don't know what to do about him; they don't know which, and it throws them into confusion.

This man said, "Oh, he's a great man. He--he'll make us the best President."

The other one said, "He's nothing but a renegade."

Then the in-between said, "Now, I don't know what to do." See? See, we're designed that way. We're made up that way. That's the way human beings are. It had to be that way to fulfill God's great economy. And to make His achievement that He's going to achieve upon the earth, man had to be designed thus. One is right. The other one's wrong. And the other one's in between the two. It's always been that way.

Notice, they do that every time that they don't know... The man in between, it's a bad place, because one can show the matter, why he thinks he's right; the other one can show why he thinks he's wrong; and the one in between don't know nothing about the matter; he don't know which way to turn. And that's just the way it is in religion. People do the same thing today about their eternal destination.

Now we're going to hurt, just a minute. They do it about their eternal destination. A man will go down here to a--at this--to eat. And if you'd find a spider in your bowl of soup, you'd want to sue that company or that restaurant. Why, you wouldn't eat that soup; it'd be poisoned. You--you--you--you wouldn't take it at all, a big roach or something boiled up in a bowl of soup. Why, you wouldn't have it at all. It would make you sick to think about it. But yet, you'll let some bunch of theologians push something down your throat that'll send you a million miles from God, and gulp over it, when man shall live by every Word that proceeds out of the mouth of God. It's a chain that your soul is hanging over hell with. And as I've said before, "A chain is its best at its weakest point." One link to break... that's all you have to do is break one of them; that's all. The rest of them lets loose with it. It's only as strong as its weakest link.

Now... And a person that knows if you eat that soup with a poison spider in it, it would probably make you sick. You'd have to go to the hospital, and--and have your stomach pumped, and a lot of trouble to go through. And it could actually kill you. But, my, you'd... Why, you'd never go around a place like that. You'd never want to darken the door again, because you--you--you're afraid you'd get poisoned and die. And then you'll absolutely join up, put your names on books, and fight for the very cause of the thing that the Bible said that's not damning your body, but sending your soul to hell. See? How strange that people do. They--they've--they take their eternal destination, base it upon some theological term. And you can bring them the Scripture, said, "This is what the Bible said. Here it is right here."

And the theologian look at It, "Well, that was for another day." (See?) And you listen to him. You see what God says. A real, true Christian only listens to that Word, and that's all. Men of God live by that Bread.

101 Notice, some--some believe in the Word. While there's others believe in their denominational interpretation. And there's others, by this confusion, that don't know what to believe.

Now, some of them said, "Oh, this World Council of Churches, that's going to be the thing. It's going to make us all one. Oh, that's just it."

And others say, "Why, it's of the devil. Here it is in the Scripture."

Then the man that don't take time to set down and pray and seek it out, he said, "Oh, forget it." Uh-huh. Forget it? It's your--by your statement, brother, by your position, by what term you take, is going to send you to your eternal destination where you'll be forever. Don't do that.

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