The capstone [ 1962 1965 ] 1962 22. Ministry hones for Headstone, rapture

Fanaticism following Brother Branham’s ministry

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45. Fanaticism following Brother Branham’s ministry.

972-Q-265 Brother Branham, is... (Let's see what this is.) Brother Branham, it is commonly believed by many that follow your message that you are the Messiah of this day. Is that so?

No, sir.

Plainly tell us, Brother Branham. You seem to hesitate in making yourself known, and we know that with such a ministry as God has given you, you should be identified in the Scriptures somewhere.

Number 2: You told us your purpose of going to Arizona the first time. You told us why, and it came to pass, but you did not tell us why you went back again.

First place, I am not a Messiah. See? Messiah is Jesus Christ, but we are "Messiahettes," every one of us. Messiah, "Messiah" means "anointed One." And in Him dwelt the Fullness of the Godhead bodily; in me just dwells part of His Spirit, the same as dwells in you. I've been given a gift to--to--to know little things and foresee things. That makes me just still your brother. See? I am not the--no Messiah; I am your brother (See?), just a shepherd to the flock. And if I told you I was the Messiah, I'd be a liar. See? And I don't want to be a liar.

"Now, why did I go to Arizona the first time?" You understood that. I went in the Name of the Lord, because I was sent there by a vision. I returned the second time for a purpose. Just let it alone. I know what I went for; I can't tell everything. When you... Devil don't know--can't get it out of my heart. If I speak it out, then he can get that, but he ain't--he can't get it when it's in my heart. If I say, "Wait till it comes to pass."... Just remember, hold this tape; I have went to Arizona for a purpose. Please bear with me. See? Just do what I tell you to do (See?); just--just do as I say do. See?


I have heard people say that you have advised people to sell all their homes and follow you to Arizona or--or they would not be in the rapture. Is this true?

That's a lie. See? Uh-huh.

... or should we sell our homes, or did you even say this?

No, sir. I did not say it. If anything, I've advised people not to do it. Uh-huh. Remember, remember "Junie" Jackson's dream that time when I went out there? "Junie" dreamed that he saw this... How many remembers the dream, and how the Lord gave the interpretation: that great mountain, we was standing upon it, and old washed-out letters there; and I was trying to interpret it, and I couldn't do it. And I--I was interpreting it to them. After I got it all interpreted, all of it interpreted, then I reached over and got (in his dream now) a some kind of a--like a bar and just cut the top of the mountain off and looked in there, and it was all snow white, like marble. But it wasn't written on, and I said, "You all stay here and look in on this now, while I go yonder."

And "Junie"... All of them went up and all the brothers and all looking in on it, another... They couldn't understand; said, "Well, what do you know? It's not even written here, but yet he was reading the outside of it. Why isn't it written in here? We can't understand."

And Junior turned around and looked, and he seen me going towards the west, towards the setting of the sun, going over one mountain, another mountain, real fast, just getting... And then he turned around and looked and seen me gone; a whole big group of them took off that way, and they wanted to go this and do that, after I told them to stay there. Stay there, stay right here; this is the place.

And then, when I did that, then--and I went just exactly; and a little bit after that, the Angel of the Lord appeared to me, say, "Go out to Arizona yonder." I heard that blast go off and went there, and what was it? That boy dreamed that dream just exactly right, and the Lord gave the right... Remember, I said, "There's something I'm going there for." And when I went there, it was the mystery of the Seven Seals, that was sealed up on the inside of that mountain of the Lord. Come right back with the opening of the Seven Seals. See?

No, you shouldn't do that. If you want to go, that's up to you. 'Course, I don't... My, I don't care where you go, but just to do that, think the Bride's going to go from there, you're mistaken.

Also I have heard this... I have (Let me... I got it wrong somewhere here. Let's see.)... the rapture. Is this true or should we sell our homes, or did you ever say this?

No, I never said it. I never... I've always advised people to stay where you are and keep on keeping on till Jesus comes. If I've told you many times, let this tape be a memorial; let this day be a memorial; let my word be a memorial; I have never, at one time, ever told anybody, ever proselyted, ever tried to get somebody to come to this church. I have never... As far as telling them to leave their own church and sell out their goods and things, God knows that I've always advised people to remain a Christian and stay where you are until God calls you. Everybody knows that. Stay right there. But now, to tell people... Somebody say, "Well, I want to go over here. I want to live over..." You go wherever you want to go; that's all right. I don't care where you go; that's not my business for that.

But now, to think that... See, what does it? It starts a cult (See?), and then I get in trouble. They got a group out there now that's going to be on charity pretty soon. And then what's it going to be? "We come out here for the rapture of the Bride." That's just what the newspapers are waiting for. They're waiting to get it when they fall on charity and can't go back to their homes. Then what they going to do?

"Why, we followed Brother Branham out here. Supposed to be..." And I am just as innocent of it as I can be. The dear, sweet people, they--they know that I love them, and even in their error. And they... Why, that... They... I love them anyhow. See? I love them; they're my children; but they just won't listen to me, what I'm trying to tell them. I'm trying to work out something in the Name of the Lord, and they won't let me do it. See? They're actually going against me instead of for me. They're doing...

Didn't I tell you if ever a message was preached, it'd be right here at this Tabernacle; anything I had to do, I'd come here and tell you first, right straight from this Tabernacle? That's my promise.

975-Q-268 Also, I have heard there is a teaching out, that a book you wrote several years ago about the bread of life... They interpret it that we must all be with you or miss the rapture.

Well, the book is wrong. The book of "The Bread of Life," I remember that now. That was feed the church universally, everywhere. See, the trouble of it is... Now, now, you people, you're solid yourself, but you've got to have that. That follows every meeting. The--the...

I was reading about Martin Luther here not long ago, not comparing ourselves with that; but this is a reformation just the same as that was. And the--the question was... The--the--the historians, they said, "It's a marvelous thing to think that Martin Luther could protest the Catholic church and get by with it. That was a wonderful thing." But said, "The most wonderful thing about Martin Luther wasn't that. How he could hold his head above all the fanaticism that followed his meeting and still stay true to the Word, his calling..." See?

No, sir! Don't put your own... Any man or woman that puts anything to what I say, don't believe what I say. They don't... They say... They...

976-Q-269 Also about these families that have sold out and moved to Sierra Vista, Arizona, where they have interpreted from one of your tapes titled (just a minute) "Little Bethlehem," "Little Bethlehem," the rapture will take place in Arizona. Did you advise them to go there?

I certainly did not. When they wrote a letter about that, somebody up here in Connecticut or something, I answered the letter back and said, "You're making the worst move you ever made in your life. Don't you do a thing like that." See, you can't... Well, you just remember, you people... Now, you all know that I'm not telling them people to do that; I'm telling them not to do it. But you see, that's got to follow the meeting. Why does people call me Messiah? Why does people... They got carry... Well, one fellow out there showed me the other day, he had a little thing and he was go--carrying on, wanted all the people to be baptized in my name. That'd make me a antichrist. But I'm not for those things, and all you people know that. But you see, this has got... That only identifies the Message true.

Did not they come and try to tell John, the--that forerun the first coming of Christ, "Aren't you the Messiah?"

He said, "I am not. I'm not even worthy to loose His shoes. I'm not even worthy to look at Him." See? But he said, "He that cometh after me..."

976-Q-270 Now, Brother Branham, are we missing out on something? These people claim to believe every word that you say to be true. (But they don't. They don't believe it. Their own actions prove that they don't.) Please let me know your straight answer: yes or no (You've got it. All right.) about these things, and if it is true, we want to make ready to go join with the rest of them there--the rest of them. I--I thank you very much for your answers to these questions, as I will be waiting to hear them this Sunday, if the Lord should tarry.

Oh, my. Well, brother, sister, I--I hope it's understood (See?) that I did not, do not... Now, if people... Oh, sure, if you want to come out to Arizona to live... And now, I'll be out in Arizona maybe this first semester. I'll have to come back here. I'll have... I--I want to stay there; kids are healthier and everything. I--I want to stay there a little while, and I've got a purpose. Remember now, on the tape, THUS SAITH THE LORD, I have a purpose in doing what I'm doing; you know I have; but I can't tell you that.

Why am I telling you not to sell your homes, you're going to come up missing, and you're going to be on the short end of the rope. Don't do that. I won't stay in Arizona but a little bit. Why? I can't do it now.

If I let those people stay out there and go on charity, what's going to happen? Then that's just exactly what the denominations and all of them is looking for. "Aha, I told you what was behind him, another school of prophets or something." See? There you are; that's just what they're looking for. After all, them people, I'm responsible for them; though they have not done what I told them to do, and they've done exactly... You say, "Let them go; they--they did what you told them not to do." That isn't in my heart. I still want to go for them. They're my kids. I might give them a little spanking when I get them back, but I--but I--I'm sure going after them. And how am I going to do out there?

They said, "We come to follow the Word." I haven't even got a church to send them to there. The kind of churches they'll go to there is the same kind you leave at other places, maybe worse. See? And they won't go to church anyhow, and I have no church to preach to them. Then I'm morally obligated to take my children out of Arizona, where...

I ask you something. I've preached better than thirty messages in this church last year. And for five years, outside, since I been in Arizona, I've preached more in this church in one year than I did in five years any other time (Certainly.), here in the church. This is my home base; this is my headquarters; here's where we're set up at. Now, hold that in mind no matter what takes place. Now, if you're wise, you'll catch something. No matter what takes place, this is our headquarters, right here. And keep that in mind and refer back to this tape someday, that you heard me prophesying. All right, remember that.

If you want--if you must leave and come to the church, don't go out there to find it, 'cause I'm not even there. I have no place to go; I have no place to preach from. They won't let me preach in their churches. I have not even a place, and I promised the men when I come there... They all got scared I was going to come there and build a big building, drain out the churches. But that's not my purpose of life. See? I--I get the people saved. It's up to them. Like the Samaritan come down and took the man to the inn, then let them take care of them from there on. I'm not here to break up churches; I'm here to get converts to Christ. See? And it makes me misunderstood among the people (See?) when--when they're interpreting their own way and not--and--saying what I'm saying. See?

Don't you remember the vision? How many remembers Junior Jackson's dream? And all them follow it just exactly. What was it? Stay here till I go yonder. See? And got the interpretation and come back. Now, I've got something else in my heart that I've been warned of the Lord to do, some move to make pertaining to this Tabernacle, and this church; that I must go there or somewhere for a short time. It's for a purpose, a great purpose, a purpose that you know nothing about. But remember, I'm just not "ratting" around, 'cause I act like I am. I'm working in the will of the Lord, as far as I know how to work in it. See? That's the reason if you believe what I say, then do what I say do (See?); then listen to me and believe me as your brother. If you believe me to be a prophet, don't misinterpret my words.

If there's anything, so help me, if there's anything that you should know that God would tell me, God knows I would tell you just exactly. And don't add to it or take away from it; just do it just the way I say it (See?), 'cause I'm telling you from my heart the best that I know. See? You just believe that. Just--just take just--just what I say about it, and just leave it go like that. All right.

So now, I've got to bring them kids back here for something to eat. They're down there in the desert starving.

979-258 A minister came to me the other day, said, "Brother Branham, they're getting the awfullest cult down there you ever seen." Said, "Each one of them, every morning, they go out; and they said they ain't going to work; it's too close to the rapture." They're not going to work. Well, that just shows you don't even understand. See? Right. (This tape's going down there.) So, yes, sir. You ought to take a lesson from the ant, the Bible says, you know. If they don't work, they don't eat. So that's just exactly right.

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