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Tuesday, November 26th is Election Day! We will vote on our choice for President of the United States

  1. William H. Taft, President of US, Republican Party

  1. Woodrow Wilson, Governor of New Jersey, Democratic Party

  1. Theodore Roosevelt, former President of US, Progressive “Bull Moose” Party

  1. Eugene V. Debs, labor leader, Socialist Party

Directions: You will choose one of the jobs below. We will then have a lottery to decide which candidate you have. The project is due on TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 26TH. The project is worth 50 points.

  1. Speech: will make write a one page speech telling us what you candidate believes in and then will read that speech to class. You will then answer one question (from me) about your speech. Search the Internet and know your party’s platform and you can attack the other candidate’s ideas during your speech.

  2. Campaign Poster: Search the Internet and create an original campaign poster with slogans, candidate picture, political artwork and five things your candidate believes in. You will then describe your poster to the class and tell us why we should vote for that person. You will then answer one question (from me) about your poster.

All members of the class will then vote for their candidate.


Speech: You must turn in a full-page written speech, which includes who you are, what your platform is (at least five things you believe in for the country) and why we should vote for you (35pts), give a verbal speech (10 points) and give a correct response to one question (5 points).
Posters: You must turn in one poster with one campaign slogan, one picture of the candidate, the symbol for their political party and five bullet points of their platform [what they believe in] (35 pts), will verbally discuss your poster (10pts) and give a correct response to one question (5 points).

To find the platforms of each candidate go to:

Taft (Republican)
Wilson (Democrat)
Roosevelt (Progressive “Bull Moose”)
Debs (Socialist Party of America)

Search Google for pictures, slogans, and symbols for each political party

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