The "Bull Moose" Campaign of 1912

Wilsonian Progressivism at High Tide

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Wilsonian Progressivism at High Tide

The Federal Farm Loan Act of 1916 made loans available to farmers at low rates of interest.  The Warehouse Act of 1916 authorized loans on the security of staple crops.

The La Follette Seamen's Act of 1915 benefited sailors by requiring decent treatment and a living wage on American ships.

President Wilson assisted the workers with the Workingmen's Compensation Act of 1916, giving assistance to federal civil-service employees during periods of disability.  Also in 1916, the president approved an act restricting child labor on products flowing into interstate commerce.  The Adamson Act of 1916 established an 8-hour work day for all employees on trains in interstate commerce.

Wilson nominated for the Supreme Court reformer Louis D. Brandeis, the first Jew to be a Supreme Court justice.


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