The British Conquest of North America I can statement

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The British Conquest of North America

I can statement: I can explain how the British gained control of North America.

Instructions: Complete the close activity by reading page 55 and fill in the missing terms.

What Was the Seven Years’ War?

  1. In ______, fighting broke out between ___________ and __________ to control the ________ Valley.

  1. In ______, the war went ___________. The British wanted to destroy the French _______ and dominate the _______.

  1. In _______, Britain ________ Québec. It was a ____ ________ but it didn’t end the war.

  1. The war ended in _________, when __________ signed a treaty with __________ - the Treaty of __________.

  1. Under the treaty, France kept the islands ________- ________ and __________ for its cod fishery but gave up its other claims in North America to _____________ and _____________.

Instructions: Answer the following question.

How did the British gain control of North America?


Vocabulary Development Instructions: Complete the following graphic organizer using your smart phones and the internet.


I think it means…

Some similar words are…

When I think of the word I picture…




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