The Boston Tea Party

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Metaphorical Notes Pt. 3

The Boston Tea Party

In Metaphor

In History

Sign reading “Cafeteria food only”

Male Student throwing lunch into trash

Male student cheering in the background

Colonists are forced to buy tea from British East India Company

Sons of Liberty dump tea into Boston Harbor.

John Adams celebrating the Boston Tea Party

The Intolerable Acts

In Metaphor

In History

Students given detention

Female student angry at male student

Protest letters

Britain punishes Bostonians with several harsh laws.

Loyalists believe Bostonians have gone too far.

Letter from first Continental Congress to King George

Lexington and Concord

In Metaphor

In History


Principal’s statement

Running female student

King George

British consider stronger action, such as sending troops into Boston, to quell rebellion.

Paul Revere and William Dawes warn colonists of the impending attack.

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