The Black Death/Bubonic Plague When – Struck Europe between and. Where

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The Black Death/Bubonic Plague
When – Struck Europe between ( ) and ( ).

Where – Explain in your words the path that the plague took in order to get to Europe by the trade routes.

List the symptoms (summarized) of the Bubonic Plague (slide 4)





How – Explain how the plague was spread. Use slide 6 of the powerpoint.
Summarize in your words the situation in 1348 (slide 8):



How many people were possibly killed by the black death?

Bubonic Plague Costume Explanation
Black Hat – Was the sign of a ( ).
Mask – Early form of a gas mask. People originally thought it was “( )” that spread the disease. The nosepiece usually contained herbs and spices. Mask also often had red eye pieces to block the “( ).”
Long black coat – Covered in ( )and used to protect the body (or so they thought).
Cane – Used to direct people and to avoid direct contact with the body.

4 Ways the bubonic plague changed Medieval Europe (slide 13):



Because of the disease many of the people living in the city died meaning it was difficult for people to find new workers.

Many available jobs and opportunities because of all the people that died.

The Church told people that it was because of their sins that the black plague occurred.

In the end, the people in Europe still didn’t know what caused the plague yet wanted an explanation for what had occurred and destroyed their society.

Read slide 16. Giovanni Boccaccio survived the Black Plague but saw many around him suffer terribly and in many cases die. After reading what he wrote, write 3-5 sentences about what it would have been like to be living in history at this time.

Black Death/Bubonic Plague RAFT Assignment
Objective: Communicate understanding of the causes of the bubonic plagues, the symptoms of having it, as well as the impact that the plague had on society.
Requirements: A) You must select from each of the four columns below (Role, Audience, Format, and Topics). YOU MUST INCLUDE ALL INFORMATION IN THE TOPIC SECTION DOWN BELOW.
For Example:
A) You are a doctor (role), giving an autopsy report (format) containing all the information from the topic (A, B, C) to someone’s father (audience).
B) You are an artist (role), creating an 8-panel cartoon (Format) containing all the information from the topic (A, B, C) to a book publisher (audience) to be sold.

Role (You will write/create as though you are….

Audience (…being read, heard or seen by…)

Format (The writing/creating will take the form of…)



*Anyone living in that time period (boy, girl, mother, father, daughter, son, etc)
*Investigative reporter

*Any character or role listed in column one.
*Someone living in 2012 (could be a Grade 7 student at ASFM)
*Book Publisher
*Film Director
*Famous Actor/Actress, writer, director, photographer, band, singer, etc.

*Newspaper (one page)

*Song (or Sport Cheer)
*Book/Movie Proposal
*Letter to the editor
*Autopsy report with pictures
*City Rescue Plan
*8 Panel Cartoon

A) The causes of the Bubonic Plague (the REAL causes, plus the BELIEVED if you want).

B) Symptom of having the Bubonic Plague.
C) FOUR effects that the Bubonic Plague had on society.

1) Accuracy – How correct is your information about the Bubonic Plague and do you satisfy the chosen TOPIC (A, B, C) with the required details?

10 8 6 4 2 Comment:

2) Benchmark – How is the overall quality of your work compared with both past work and ever increasing expectations of better work?

10 8 6 4 2 Comment:

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