The bible lesson 5: source for wisdom

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After completing this lesson, the children will learn that the Bible is our source for heavenly wisdom. Hearing, reading, studying, memorizing and meditating on the Word of God will help us live a good life that is pleasing to God.


Word of God, Bible, Wisdom

AS KIDS ARRIVE (10 minutes)

If most of the children have completed their Old and New Testament Books of the Bible handout sheets, use the option shown below. Otherwise, you can continue with writing down the books of the Bible. Also, allow kids an opportunity to demonstrate how far they can go towards getting stars on the Starboard.

Wisdom Option:
As the children arrive, have them turn to Proverbs 1 in their Bibles and begin reading. (It is alright that children start at different times.) Have the kids read to themselves, except when they come to the words "WISDOM" and "WISE", to say those words out loud. As more and more kids arrive, the words wisdom and wise will be heard quite often.

Download 162.41 Kb.

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