The Beginning of War in Japan By Jane Runyon

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The Beginning of War in Japan
By Jane Runyon


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1     World War II began in Asia much earlier than it did in Europe. Japan was involved in conflict that led to war as early as 1931. During World War I, Japan was one of the Allies. They fought with the United States and Russia against the Germans. After WWI, Japan was able to expand its holdings in Asia. They gained an influence in the world they had not known before the war. Japan joined the League of Nations when it was established in Geneva, Switzerland, in 1919. That alliance with world powers gave Japan the recognition it needed to become a power on its own. During the decade of the 1920s, the government of Japan started tipping slightly toward being a democracy. The emperor relinquished some of his power to the people.
2     With the beginning of the 1930's came a change in Japan's government. The military began taking over the decision making policies in the government. By 1931, the Japanese military had invaded Manchuria on the mainland of Asia. They set up a puppet government. The government they established looked like it was being run by the Manchurians. In reality, the Japanese military was making the decisions. They were pulling the strings. The emperor had not even been informed of the plan to invade Manchuria.
3     In 1933, the Japanese military government decided that it no longer needed the friendship of countries in the League of Nations. The leaders didn't want these countries telling them what they could and could not do. They pulled their membership from the League and set out on their own to establish an empire.
4     In 1937, Japan invaded China. This conflict would be known as the Second Sino-Japanese War. United States President Franklin Delano Roosevelt could see the dangers associated with allowing Japan to become too powerful in Asia. He secretly established a group of volunteer fighter pilots. Their goal would be to stop the Japanese. This plan was not officially recognized by the United States government. The group became known as Chennault's Flying Tigers. During one seven month period of time in the late 1930's, the Flying Tigers were able to destroy 600 Japanese aircraft. They sank many Japanese ships. They kept the Japanese from securing more land by stalling a planned invasion of Burma (now called Thailand).
5     The Japanese military government was not at all happy with the United States. The Japanese realized that the United States was not going to let them expand their holdings in the way they had planned. The Japanese had been watching what was happening in Europe. They watched as Adolph Hitler began his reign of terror. The Japanese decided to make a deal with the German government. This treaty more or less divided up the world between the two nations. Germany would control Europe. Japan would control Asia. The United States became an enemy to both.
6     Japan made its retaliation against the United States for the damage done by the Flying Tigers by conducting a surprise attack on Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, on December 7, 1941. Their goal was to destroy the American navy leaving the Pacific islands open to Japanese attack. What it did was to ignite a war that would cover the world for the next four and a half years.
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The Beginning of War in Japan


With what country did Japan become Allies during World War I?
  United States


Both A & C


What title did the leader of Japan have?


Which country did Japan invade first?
  United States


What is a puppet government?
  a government that looks like it is being controlled by someone else
  a toy with strings
  the emperor’s way of controlling his country
  All of the Above


Why did President Roosevelt unofficially create the Flying Tigers?
   Japan needed help with their aircraft.
   Japan had attacked the U.S. Navy.
   Japan was becoming too powerful.

  They helped Japan secure more land.


What group was formed after World War I by the countries in power?
  European Union (EU)

  North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)

  United Nations
  League of Nations


How come Adolf Hitler did not take over Japan during Germany’s invasion of Europe?
  The Flying Tigers intervened.
  Germany and Japan made a deal to divide up control of the world.
  Adolph Hitler didn’t like Japan.
  Franklin Roosevelt stopped him.


When did Japan retaliate against the United States by attacking Pearl Harbor?




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