The Battle of Vimy Ridge Slide Two: The Battle of Vimy Ridge

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The Battle of Vimy Ridge

Slide Two: The Battle of Vimy Ridge

  • Vimy Ridge was an important hill overlooking the _________ plains of northern France. The battle of Vimy Ridge began on _________ and ended on ___________. More than _____ killed and wounded.

  • All 4 divisions of the _____________ fought together. They planned, rehearsed and defeated the ___________.

  • _____________________, the commander of the first division, helped his army succeed in capturing the German front line. He ___________ his soldiers for the battle before it happened.

  • After the battle, _____________________ said of the battle, “On those few minutes, I witnessed the birth of a nation”.

Slide Three: Why is it significant to Canada?

  • The battle of Vimy Ridge was an important event in Canadian history because of the remarkable victory. It was the first time __________ had ever planned its own attach without the ____________ help. They proved Canada’s worth to the ___________ Empire and that Canada was able to do well on its own.

  • The success of this battle earned _________ a seat at the ________ ___________ __________. It helped Canada earn their independence from __________ ___________.

  • After the battle, ___________ became an important country. They became more ______________ and ____________.

Slide 4: Cause and Consequences

  • On ___________, Canadians controlled the entire ridge. But their sacrifice was not in vain. The ___________ Canadians who fought there suffered, approximately 11,000 ____________, nearly __________ of them fatal.

  • The Canadian army fought for __________, democracy and the rule of law. They defended with honour.

  • It is important to recognize that this __________ would not have been possible without the bravery and sacrifice of the __________________.

Slide 5:

  • A step-by-step plan of the attack on _____________ and a sketch of a map of the attack plan.

  • To capture this difficult position, the Canadians carefully ________ and __________ their attack.

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