The Barbarians: The Mongols Movie Worksheet Directions: Answer the questions based on the movie. The questions are listed in the order they appear on the film. You do not need to use complete sentences

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The Barbarians: The Mongols Movie Worksheet
Directions: Answer the questions based on the movie. The questions are listed in the order they appear on the film. You do not need to use complete sentences.

  1. What two empires set the standard for human civilization at the end of the 12th century? What lies in between these two empires and who fills this land?

  • Persia

  • Central Asia

  • Three empires lie in between: Xixia Empire, Chin Empire, and Southern Sung Empire

  • In hospitable grasslands

  1. What role did the Chin empire in China play in the war between the Mongols and Tatars and why did they do this? What famous Mongol is born during this era of warfare?

  • Chin tried to take over Mongols through divide and conquer

  • The Chin figured that if the Mongols were concerned with other issues that the Chin could easily take over the Mongols

  • Genghis Khan was born in the 12th century

  1. What does Temujin's mother tell him when his father is killed? How long does it take Temujin to unite the Mongols and gain the title of Khan?

  • “Seek revenge”

  • 30 years

  1. How did Mongolians win battles when they are almost always outnumbered? What did the Mongols do to the Tatars under Genghis Kahn?

  • Temujin had charisma and people followed him because of his personality

  • Reorganized society

  • Used horses- operated in small teams

  • Surrounded enemy

  1. Who did Genghis Khan firmly believe to be firmly in control of all battles and everything that happens on earth? How did he see his role in leading the Mongolians?

  • Natural hierarchy around him, believed in heaven- protector of nomads.

  • Khan believed when you won a battle that God decided it.

  1. What were the homes that Mongols lived in called? How does this help Mongolian warriors?

  • The homes they have are tents

  • Canes can be set up in 50 minutes and can be taken down in the same amount of time- meaning they can easily move.

  1. Who does Genghis Khan attack in 1211 after the Tatars had been subdued? How were the Mongols able to capture walled cities?

  • The Chin Empire

  • Copied Chinese siege techniques

  • Used drums

  • Borught old prisoners with them

  • Slaughtered every living thing

  1. What was the “yam” system used by the Mongolians? What news did they bring Genghis in 1218 as he was on the verge of taking over China?

  • Pony Express- two messengers used to carry messengers. Used horses.

  • Other Khan’s were threatening the Mongols

  1. Where does Genghis chase of rebels lead him in his conquests? What does Genghis realize about trade as he moves this way?

  1. What did Sultan Mohammed of the Islamic Empire of Korazim do to the two trade enjoys that Genghis Khan? What did this cause?

  • Genghis Khan found out from Sultan Mohammed that other Mongols were spies

  • Genghis Khan realizes that Sultan Mohammed set him up

  1. Why did Genghis Khan divide his forces when he attacks the city of Samarkand? What did the Mongols do to the governor who stole his trade goods when they conquered his city?

  • The Mongols were dealing with catastrophe

  • Khan turned to mobility and surprise- divided his army to attack the governor. Created confusion and diversion

  1. What trick did the Mongols use to capture the city of Samarkand? How did the Mongols assure that this Persian Empire would never threaten them again?

  1. What area did the Mongol Empire stretch from with the conquest of Persia? What did this do to trade and what was the “Pax Mongolica”?

  • Kozirakum

  • Allowed people to travel on the Silk Road in absolute safety

  1. What happens to Genghis Khan in 1226? What does this prevent him from doing?

  • He was killed

  • He was unable to take over and continue to expand.

  1. Why does no one know where Genghis Khan is buried? What happens to Genghis Khan's kingdom upon his death?

  • He wanted it to remain in secrecy- the people who buried him were killed

  • Empire was broken apart into four different parts- given to his sons

  1. What happens to the young Muslim Mongol Timur in Korazim when he tries to steal his neighbor's sheep? What will history eventually know him as?

  1. What did Timur do to artisans when he conquered areas? What building in Samarkand is evidence of Timur's megalomania?

  • Tried to genealogically map himself to show that he was related to the leader.

  • Wanted to reflect the teachings and life of Genghis Khan

  • Muslim building/mosque

  1. What does Timur Conquer from 1385 to the mid 1390's? Where does he turn his armies in 1398 and how does this hurt his empire?

  • Conquers western Persia, Georgia, Armenia, the Caucuses’

  • 1398- goes over the Hindu Kush to northern India

  • The further he expands, the harder it is to control.

  1. How did Timur psychologically terrorize his enemies? Who did Timur always spare when he terrorized a city?

  1. What empire stood in the way of Timur's idea of a Genghis-sized empire? How does Timur end up winning against this empire and its Sultan in 1402?

  • The Ottoman Turks

  • Ottoman Turks were weak

  1. How did Western Europeans react to the defeat of Sultan Beyazid and why?

  • Sultan Beyazid was cheered by the Western Europeans to meet the Mongols- Western Europeans were shocked when Sultan was defeated

  • Unrestrained joy

  1. What nation does Timur attack in 1404 and what happens to him?

  1. What did Timur say would happen to anyone who disturbed his tomb? What happened to the Soviet Union on the day they opened Timur's tomb in 1941?

  • A fate worst than him would fall on them

  • World War II began- Hitler launched attack on Russia

  1. What was the Mongol's ultimate legacy? Has the world ever seen another empire as large as the Mongolian Empire?

  • Governments/military look at the Mongol legacy

  • Nothing like it

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