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1. The Australian Naval Institute has been formed and incorporated in the Australian Capital Territory
The main objects of the Institute are:

a. to encourage and promote the advancement of knowledge related to the Navy and the
Maritime profession.

b. to provide a forum for the exchange of ideas concerning subjects related to 1he Navy and
the Maritime profession.

c. to publish a journal

2. The Institute is self supporting and non-profit making. The aim is to encourage Ireedom of discussion,
dissemination of information, comment and opinion and the advancement of professional knowledge
concerning naval and maritime matters.

3. Membership of the Institute is open to

a. Regular members — Members of Ihe Permanent Naval Forces of Australia.

b. Associate Members — (1) Members of the Reserve Naval Forces of Australia.

  1. Members of the Australian Military Forces and Ihe Royal Australian Air Force both permanent and reserve.

  2. Ex-members of the Australian Defence Forces, both permanent and reserve components, provided that they have been honourably discharged from that force

  3. Other persons having and professing a special interest in naval and maritime affairs.

c. Honorary Members — A person who has made a distinguished contribution to Ihe Naval or maritime

profession or who has rendered distinguished service to the Institute may be elected by the Council to Honorary Membership

  1. Joining fee for Regular and Associate members is $5. Annual Subscription for both is $15.

  2. Inquiries and application for membership should be directed to -

The Secretary. Australian Naval Institute, P.O. Box 18, DEAKIN, A.C.T 2600

CONTRIBUTIONS As the Australian Naval Institute exists for the promotion and advancement of knowledge relating to the Naval and maritime profession, all members are strongly encouraged to submit articles for publication. Only in this way will our aims be achieved.


In writing for the institute it must be borne in mind that the views expressed are those of the author and not necessarily those of the Department of Defence, the Chief of Naval Staff or the Institute.

Registered for Posting as a Publication — Category B

ISSN 03 72-5807

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