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The main item of interest to members arising from the Annual General Meeting is that concerning the increase in the annual subscription rate to $15 effective from 1 January 1981 Members should be aware that this is the first increase in the subscription rate since the inception of the Institute and naturally $10 buys less today than it did six years ago. The Council hopes though that it will not have to approach members for further funds for some time

The seminar, Seapower 81, promises to be a great success, since already there is strong interest from industries wishing to attend The quality of the speakers and the issues they will cover will ensure a heavy demand for the 380 available seats. Members are going to be offered a very attractive rate for the seminar and are advised to secure a seat quickly.

Members are also reminded that subscriptions are now due Until December 31 members can renew their subscription at the old rate of $10 pa. From the start of the new year $ 15 will be expected

Membership of the Institute continues to grow steadily which is a healthy sign and one which augers well for the future.

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