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I All applications tor copies ol Whalay sliould be addressed to the Anniversary Office, HMS EXCELLEN r. Whale Island. Ports­mouth. Hampshire Cost ot the copies is £5.50 (plus 50p pos­tage and packing) within the U K. Outside U K £6 50 plus postage and packing)

AUSTRALIAN DEMOCRACY IN CRISIS by A. C Theo-phanue. Oxford University Press. Melbourne, i960. Re­commended retell price J7.95

This is a book tor the student ol politics. As the title sug­gests. Theophanus argues that democracy in Australia is in crisis — a crisis of legitimacy He develops his argument using a carelulty constructed socio-economic-political model against which he tests his perceptions ol Australian political, economic and social behaviour, giving emphasis to the events ol the last twelve years

There Is. says Theophanus, an economic crisis inherent rn advanced Western society which extendi to Australia It cannot

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