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Sub Lieutenant James Goldnck joined the RANC as a Junior Entry Cadel Midshipman in January 1974 After completion of his matriculation studies, he attended the University ot NSW graduating with a BA degree in early 1979 He is al present undertaking bridge watchkeeping training in the RN where he has served in HM Ships ALDERNEY and SIRIUS On return to Australia al the end ot this year, he will lake up a posling as XO of the LCH. HMAS TARAKAN

Page 44 Journal ot the Australian Na^al Institute

matter and neither Energy nor MAFF make objection to the occasional use of the FPS for purely naval requirements

The ships of the FPS are not the only vessels employed on fisheries duties in the UK. Notable in addition are the vessels run by DAFS. which include the two tore-runners of the ISLAND class, JURA and WESTRA. The former actually served a term under the White Ensign, but she has now been dismissed and returned to DAFS control. The cost of running the DAFS vessels is far lower than that for the RN's. but, it must be said, so is their efficiency Constrained by mercantile regulations and routines, they can do neither the number of boardings nor constitute as effective a deter­rent as the RN units. On more than one occa­sion, because the DAFS vessel has been un­able to make any threat of force, its instruc­tions have been cooly disregarded by fishing vessels.

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