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Howard. M The Forgotten Dimensions ol Strategy page 982

  • Von Clausewitz. C On War, London 1940

  • Clausewitz was aware that his Absolute War was an abstract idea ol war as an act ol violence earned to an extreme conclusion In practice he recognized that in Real War the energy exhibited would always be moditted by the value ot the object

    ID Booth, op cit. pp 37-8

    11 Liddell Hart. B H The Strategy ot the Indirect Approach.

    1. Liddell Hart. 7be Ob/ective in War. page 31

    2. As tactics is the application ol strategy on a lower plane, so strategy is an application on a lower plane ot grand strategy While practically synonymous with the policy which guides the conduct ol war, as distinct Irom the more fundamental policy which should govern its obtecl. the term grand strategy serves to bring out the sense ol policy in execution For the role ol grand strategy — higher strategy — is lo coordinate and direct all the resources ol a nation, or band ot nations towards the attainment ot the political object ol the war - Ihe goal defined by lundamen tat policy Liddell Hart The Strategy ot the Indirect Approach, p 335-6

    3. The usual deductive approach to strategy is that national security interests, obiectives. policies and commitments constitute ends or guidance lor achieving them The means are all Ihe elements of national power Strategy is regarded as matching the two within the rules established by policy See. Collins, J M Grand Strategy Principles and Practices. Annapolis. 1973. pp 1-7

    4. The attraction to the Anglo-Saxon military professional is two told Firstly while it re atlirms the primary of political control ol Ihe military, it seems to promise the insulations from Ihe intrusion ot politics into Ihe actual military decision making process Secondly it has a sociological attraction in titling into the hierarchical perspective ot military thinking

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