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As I have now been a member (albeil associate) long enough lo have received seven copies ot the journal I presume to make a suggestion

Your aim is, I am sure, to establish the Insiilule and its image. Ihe journal, on the same high level as other Institutes throughout the world concerned with defence studies

However is your policy of printing articles under a nom de plume consistent with a learned journal7

The article by Master Ned in Ihe May 1980 issue oven to a graduate ot the R A N C ol tony live years standing makes very good reading and the guts ot it probably has a relevance lo olher such colleges (even in Mother Russia7)

But is not its impact rather diminished by the tad that only to the In circle is his identity and, therefore his authority known7

To accept articles by authors who are unable lo unwill ing to stand up and be counted surely loses you some standing, particularly among the international readership

Beware ol descending to the level ol Woman s World and ils ilk, with Dorothy Dix letters Irom Puzzled I've Blundered". etc

I am, Sir

Yours taithtully

R J Bassett
P O Box 2, Commander RAN Retd

Albnghton Wolverhampton. UK


Garry Canning I certainly take Commander Bassetts point and would

ABETW3 prefer not to have nom deplumes but it remains me prerogative

ol the author lo be anonymous


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